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Legal, Terms & Conditions

The sooner you start the sooner you can earn, and you’ll have all the help and resources you need to make the most of your affiliate account.

As an Inkthreadable affiliate, you:

  • will receive 5% of the fulfilment price for all orders placed through a referred merchant’s account;
  • will be able to withdraw payments at any time, with a minimum withdrawal of £30;
  • will receive payments for each unique customer for a period of 9 months, from the date the referred merchant signed up;
  • will only be paid for legitimate orders placed by unique customers;
  • will be free to work when and wherever you want, with as many clients as you like;
  • will not be considered an employee of Inkthreadable;
  • will not be supervised or instructed us;
  • will not be entitled to claim back any business expenses;
  • cannot make claims about the company or service which Inkthreadable cannot substantiate;
  • agree to fully abide by advertising and advert-disclosure laws in your territory;

Commission for eligible orders will be credited once the order has been shipped in full. Commission is calculated from the Inkthreadable product price at the time the order was placed minus any discounts. Sample orders are not eligible for commission.