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Big Creation? Try Dye Sublimation!

T-shirts with logos, motifs and other designs look great and are always popular products. But, if your designs are just too big and bold to be contained, then we have got the perfect product for you to customise and add to your online store: the Unisex All-Over Sublimation Tee.

Dye sublimation is a special technique that utilises inks that are sensitive to heat. High temperatures cause the inks to change from a solid to a gaseous state, skipping the intermediate stage of liquid; this is the process of sublimation. Once the process is completed, the ink has actually become part of the material. This creates several advantages over Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, including:

Permanence: no matter how many times the garment is washed, the image will not peel or fade

Uniformity: dye cannot build up in any single part of the image, resulting in remarkable consistency

Brilliance: the transparent fabric fibres bond with the dye, creating a vivid colour tone

Totality: images can be printed right across the full body of the garment to its edges, with no distortion

The Unisex All-Over Sublimation Tee from Inkthreadable is the perfect garment for sublimation printing. With a fashion fit enhanced by integral side seams and a crew neck, the tee has a fully-printable area, either front, back or both. The tshirt is available exclusively in white, giving you a blank canvas just waiting for YOUR design.

Check out all the details on the product page and get creating!

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