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Custom Printed Concert & Festival Clothing & Merchandise

Inkthreadable know printing, and we know we have just the right printing methods to suit whatever needs you have - whether you’re looking to kit out your event staff or you need stock to fill shelves, we’ve got you covered.

Order your merchandise from Inkthreadable

Your ticket sales tell you to expect thousands of music fans turning up – you know where they’re going to be, what they’re going to hear and who they’re going to see… so what about what they’re going to buy?

Everyone loves a bit of memorabilia, and Inkthreadable can certainly handle producing it in the quantities you’ll be looking for; not only can we create an unlimited amount of clothing through screen printing, but our dye sublimation printing is so versatile we could print our own faces onto mugs so we could drink out of ourselves if we wanted to – but luckily we don’t.

Screen printing offers the very best value for money – but that doesn’t mean the quality is second rate. Inkthreadable can produce thousands of garments in a massive range of inks, like metallic or discharge, that serve to produce the exact design you’re looking for at the lowest possible price.

Dye sublimation is perfect for creating the unique extras you’ll be selling alongside your screen printed clothing; not only can it be used to print all over t-shirts, but the process used makes printing on surfaces like metal and ceramic quite simple. For us, anyway.

To top it off, we offer professional product finishing too. If you want your event branding, or anything else you fancy attached to your merchandise then it’s just a simple case of letting us know – we’ll handle everything for you. Now, isn’t that just the cherry on top?

We’re also good at branded uniforms

Your staff need an identity – they need to be instantly recognisable during the event for emergencies, questions or even just to give them a little ego boost! Depending on the numbers, screen printing will again be the go-to printing method for us, but that’s certainly not set in stone. Get in touch with the Inkthreadable team, and once we know a bit more about your event we can advise on the methods most suited to your needs.

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