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Get Ready for an Inkthreadable Xmas!

Christmas is one of the biggest events in the retail calendar and becomes more so every year as more shoppers take to the net. Everyone is working harder than ever to market their products successfully and here are some Inkthreadable tips to help you get your stuff noticed this Christmas…

Theme your Designs

If you’ve got a signature look, think about how you can alter it for Christmas. You could create full-on Xmas-inspired motifs or simply add a festive element to your existing logo. Everyone likes a classic touch around the festive period and all of the traditional elements (reindeer, snow, robins and holly etc) still score big points in the design field. Christmas is a time for indulgence, so allow yourself to be luxurious with your creations.

Wise Words

Not everyone immediately relates to the visual aspect of Christmas so this section of potential buyers requires a little wondrous writing to get them in the mood. Again, indulgence is the key to Christmas so let your vocabulary loose and describe everything in the most magical terms. Capture your audience with copy and they will do the rest.

Embrace the Anti

There are more than a few ‘Bah, Humbug’ types out there who are determined to not enjoy Christmas. These people form a market that we think hasn’t been fully tapped; they are ripe for a bit of anti-Christmas gear and you can be the Grinch that delivers it! Develop some products that cater to these customers to increase your selling potential. 

Guarantee Quality and Prompt Delivery

When you integrate with Inkthreadable, you can assure your customers that their product will be of impeccable quality and that it will reach them well in time for Christmas. Our reputation is excellent and we continue to build on it with every product we create and ship.

Get ready for an Inkthreadable Christmas; connect and integrate with us today!

Here are six easy steps to creating your first product:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create your Inkthreadable account and log in
  2. Select your product from the catalogue
  3. Get the colour, size and any other options sorted with our easy-to-use toolbox
  4. Upload your design: once it’s in your account, you can easily use it on any other product without having to upload it again
  5. Add a back print (if applicable), make final tweaks and preview your creation
  6. Click on Create Product and it’s saved to your account. Sorted!

For further details check out the full guide.

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