Custom Printed Nightlife Clothing & Merchandise

Contrary to popular belief, nightlife isn’t all about drinking yourself into a near catatonic state whilst pulsing away to the most recent mash-up of Ed Sheeran and whatever producer has decided to wave their magic wand in his direction.

No. A lot of preparation goes in to nights like these beforehand, and whether you’re a patron of the nightclub scene or you’re simply promoting your event or establishment, Inkthreadable have just the thing for you.

Screen Printing

If you’re simply in it for the experience, chances are you want your ‘lads on tour’ uniform to be cheap and cheerful. Our screen-printing services offer just that – it’s super cheap and produces high quality results, though there is a minimum quantity of 10 per order, and extra colours cost extra, so bear this in mind. If your band of Prosecco connoisseurs numbers fewer than ten you should consider our specialty; Direct to Garment printing.

Direct to Garment Printing

DTG printing is where we shine. We love it, and the magic we can wield through it really does show in our work.

The dyes we use are cured within the fabric itself to create a surprisingly soft product that you’ll end up wanting to wear for at least three days before you get harsh comments about the smell. Whilst that’s indirectly our fault, it’s still a testament to what we can do.

There’s also no minimum orders with Direct to Garment printing – there are no set up costs so we’re very happy to print one run of a naked cowgirl straddling a flaming skull with the slogan ‘Lady Killer’ for your amusement, but please don’t be that guy.

For the Nightlife Reps

It’s a pretty big deal, but nightlife isn’t all about those on the prowl - what about those providing the hunting grounds? Inkthreadable are experts at producing promotional and professional uniforms for nightclubs and their reps.

Both screen and DTG printing would be perfect for outfitting your reps – the bold, attractive colours are almost certainly going to attract those whose cognitive function has passed out under the table from overdoing the tequila. Though if these services aren’t quite right for your business you should consider embroidery.

Yes, it sounds like something your gran fills her Sunday afternoons with each time you forget to pay her a visit, but it’s really not so dull. Our embroidered products are professional and personal to your business. We can match Pantone colours to near perfection, and the end result is so durable you’d be able to wash out whatever unholy stain found it’s way into the fabric without losing any quality.

If in doubt…

If you simply can’t decide which service is right for you (I know, we’d struggle choosing from such an amazing range too…) then speak to our customer service team today. We’re always waiting patiently for the next customer to impart our near wizardly wisdom on. 

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