Sales Promotions

Marketing can come in all shapes and sizes - just like people. Lucky for you, Inkthreadable are specialists at stamping your branding in all shapes and sizes too.

When it comes to promotions, a sales team needs to look the part – they’re representing a company, event or product after all. That’s where we swoop in to save the day, Spider Man style. Our expertise in printing lets us create exactly what you’re looking for.

Think of it as a sales promotion starter kit; we’ll supply the unity and professionalism that comes with proper branding to fit your sales team, and you just need to add the perfect sales team to bring home the bacon.

We don’t just simply print clothing either - Inkthreadable has a catalogue of products ideal for promotional giveaways, especially if you want to break away form the norm.

Dressing your sales team

We have plenty of methods available for you to take advantage of, each with their own merits and drawbacks.

Screen printing offers top quality products at the best price, though it can be limited by quantity and colours. Due to the inherent cost of set up, the cost-effective benefits come from large batch orders, which a sales promotion team isn’t likely to need.

That’s where our specialty, direct to garment printing, comes in. DTG printing uses super soft water based inks to inlay your design within the fabric. It creates a finish that’s as soft as the material itself - but more importantly there are no set up costs, and no extra cost per colour! You can be as creative as you want, and we’ll replicate your design to perfection.

Another option is embroidery. It’s a subtle classic, but embroidery always looks professional and stands the test of time. Our threads closely match Pantone colours so replicating a company logo or theme won’t be a problem. Our embroidery products are as diverse as those we use for printing – t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, bags and hats are all available!

And for the merchandise

It’s all about dye sublimation – the process of transferring your logo or brand on to polyester and specially coated surfaces. It lets us not only create high-end clothing, but mugs, phone cases and even lamp shades.

If you’re still not sure on what you need for your sales promotion, let us help you - we’re so friendly you’ll feel like part of the family! Email us, call 01254 777 070 or send a message through our Live Chat.

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