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Custom Printed Race & Sport Team Clothing

Imagine turning up to a night club with your outfit on point, only to find someone else wearing the same thing you’d been so excited to show off. A little deflating, we imagine.

Change the context and a matching outfit becomes defining.

So what are you up to?

Some people chose to run a marathon wearing an Elmo costume, and that’s okay. But for those a little less hardcore, but still want to look the part, Inkthreadable are on standby to help.

If you’re running a marathon, half marathon, 10km or 5km race as a group, or even a Tough Mudder or something else equally as insane, then you’re going to want some matching garb – because why not? Though don’t limit yourselves to a t-shirt for running in – hoodies for pre and post race are a great idea too, especially for your supporters who don’t have the luxury of physical exertion to keep them warm. You don't want to be running in a cotton t-shirt either, which is why we also offer a full range of activewear that can be printed with vinyl for bold, striking designs that will last as long as you can keep running.

Our kit is great for other sports teams too; football, basketball, netball – even kabaddi! Vests, t-shirts and hoodies are all ideal for sports teams but if you’re after something a little more unique then speak to the Inkthreadable team – customer service drives us, and we’ll always do our very best to create just what you’re looking for.

What we can do for you

Our screen printers are fantastic for producing high quality products at low prices, but for sports teams and events we think something a little more special is in order, and direct to garment (DTG) printing fits the bill perfectly.

Aside from its basket full of other merits, DTG printing uses super soft water based inks cured within the fabric to produce prints that are not only of the highest quality and detail, but comfortable and soft to touch. Take our word for it – you’ll be thanking us when you’ve reached mile 24 of your marathon without suffering chaffed nipples!

We do more than print too, so if you’re struggling at all – from design to pricing, and anything in-between, we’re always available for a chat by email, calling 01254 777 070, or through the live chat service on our site. 

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