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Women's Long-Sleeve Crop Top

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Product code JC039-JBK-M
Brand AWDis
  • £25.14

The perfect match for a women's activewear collection, this long sleeve crop top is designed to offer you freedom of movement so that no matter where life takes you or what the moment calls out for - you can always push yourselves.

The girlie design with raglan sleeves and thumb-loops will make every workout look good (and feel comfortable too)!

Material: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane

  • Machine washable and quick to dry
  • Thumbholes keep sleeves in place while active 
  • Ultra soft wicking fabric

Weight: 210gsm

Colour information:

  • Colour repre­­­­sen­­­­ta­­­­tion is only as accurate as the web design process allows.


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