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26th Apr 2017, 13:28
Strong Tees
A little expensive, but the quality seems good and customer service has been very good so far!
26th Apr 2017, 13:28
North Section
So far so good.
Been using inkthreadable for about a month now and their app integrates brilliantly and make it easy to choose what garments etc we print our t-shirts on. They have a great range!
26th Apr 2017, 13:27
The best print on demand app in the europe for now
26th Apr 2017, 13:27
Unicorn Gift
great service! thanks.. www.­unicorn.­gifts
26th Apr 2017, 13:27
Unicorn Gift
great service! thanks.. www.­unicorn.­gifts
31st Mar 2016, 09:41
Inkthreadable have the business model just right. The customer service they offer give gave me 100% confidence to be able to set up my custom shirt business. And the quality of print and garments are great. I would recommend without question.
22nd Mar 2016, 12:41
Inkthreadable are just awesome! When deadlines have been tight or something has gone wrong (hey it's life, humans and postal systems - it's going to happen sometimes!) they have gone way above the call of duty and done everything possible to help. Really couldn't ask for more! The quality of the T-shirts and printing is second to none. If you're looking for a supplier for your business look no further - you just found the best! I know, I tried elsewhere and failed! So happy to have found these guys! 10/10
29th Sep 2015, 17:24
Great quality and price, and a very helpful team! Order arrived in 6 days, only took 1 day to arrive after being shipped! Thank you!
24th Apr 2015, 12:30
Awesome customer service. I was late in ordering a birthday gift and it arrived within two days. Great quality and will definitely use them again :)
23rd Jan 2015, 17:54
Unbelievable quality products, fantastic attention to detail and a quality, personal customer service!