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Stanley Stella

 Stanley/­­Stella is driven by a genuine desire to drive change in the fashion industry through ethical and envi­­ron­­men­­tally friendly manuf­­ac­­turing processes. They aim to break codes, to change the perception of the textile industry. They want to offer products that respect people, the environment, and customers. And they're producing authentic and responsible clothes that you're proud to wear and sell; clothes that initiate change in the textile industry, and are made in a more humane, ethical, and ecological way. 

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On average, orders using Inkthre­adable's range of core products ship quicker than non-core products.

Our range of core products is made up of the product variants which sell in higher volumes,
and we hold them in stock in-house to maintain control over our supply chain.

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A message from our Co-Founder on Earth Day 2021

A message from our Co-Founder on Earth Day 2021

What better day to discuss susta­ina­bility than on Earth Day!

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is “Restore the Earth”; at its heart, susta­ina­bility is about preserving the planet for future generations and the practices we can adopt in life…
New Shipping Methods and Changing Costs

New Shipping Methods and Changing Costs

Due to courier price increases, our shipping costs are rising for select USA and UK services.
On the bright side, however, we’re also introducing new couriers for UK and Europe deliveries!
International Women's Day and a note from our co-founder

Inter­national Women's Day and a note from our co-founder

Inter­national Women’s Day; a day dedicated to women of all backgrounds to come together and fight for women’s rights and equality. It’s also a day to reflect on women’s achievements and the progress that has been made over the last century.