Ordering via CSV

If you’re running a store taking a huge amount of orders each day, placing them manually is going to be a little time consuming. Placing orders by CSV turns order fulfilment into a click of a button:

  • Your store takes orders
  • You export the order details and compile them into a CSV file that our system can parse, then upload it and pay for your orders in bulk
  • We’ll print on demand, pack, and ship everything straight to each customer

You don’t need to worry about order volume, confusing order details, or anyone getting missed. Our system converts your order details into physical orders placed within your account.

Okay, technically they’re digital, but you’ll be able to browse through your order history and see each placed as its own order, with all the corresponding details attached.

Sound good? The first step is to sign up to Inkthreadable. It’s quick and easy – we just need an email address.