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Our Sustainability Policy

At Inkthre­adable, we are committed to operating under ethical and sustainable practices during our production processes. 

One of the benefits of using our print-on-demand service is that your products are only made when they’re sold. This ensures that you’re not left with any overstock that you can’t sell which could end up in landfill. It also means that no excess energy and raw materials are used to create this stock. 


Sustainability Timeline:

Our sustainability journey began in 2017 when we moved to Kornit DTG printers and a paperless order management system, saving 8 tonnes of paper, or 192 trees, each year!

By using Kornit printers our inks are both vegan and eco-friendly. They're also OEKO-TEX® approved - they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment.

In 2018, after discovering that 14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, our co-founder Amy made it her mission to remove plastic from our packaging.
At the time, there wasn’t an off-the-shelf shipping bag that was plastic free and could hold through the postal network and British weather so therefore, we had our own paper mail bags manufactured. 
Another challenging packaging item was shopping tubes for posters. They contained plastic end caps.
We set out to find a better, more sustainable alternative, and eventually decided on a triangular alternative which is 100% cardboard!
We completed our transition to plastic free packaging in April 2019 and through this initiative, we save 8 tonnes of single use plastic each year. 

The only exception to this is our framed prints, which we haven’t yet been successful in sourcing a suitable alternative for the biodegradable bubble wrap that ensures the products are delivered in a perfect condition. 

All textile wastes that are produced by our business are recycled and given a second life in products such as carpet underlay, which ensures they do not enter landfill. 
As of August 2019, Inkthre­adable began offsetting Carbon Footprint by funding the planting of trees in the North West of England.
We have now moved to do this in partnership with Ecologi. You can see our progress here - https://­­ecologi.­­com/­­inkthre­­adable

Products that mean more to the world!

In October 2018, we launched the Stanley/Stella brand into our product catalogue. 

“­Stanley/­­Stella is a premium clothing brand that’s eco-friendly with a strong social respon­sibility policy. The products that aren’t organic cotton are made from recycled materials, and they believe in building a better future for all.”
The brand's vision and ethical policies aligned perfectly with our own and they quickly became our highest recommended and top selling brand.
At the time, the blank clothing market had limited options for organic and sustainable garments. Any which were available were made by brands whose values didn’t so much align with the products they were trying to produce.
One of the things we love about Stanley/Stella is that sustainability is their core and they stand by this with an exclusively-sustainable product collection. 

In 2021, Inkthreadable became an official Stanley/Stella dealer - a title we’re extremely proud of! 
We’re committed to offering sustainable styles where no animal-based materials are used in the manuf­ac­turing or printing process. Paired with our vegan friendly inks, we have a wide range of vegan friendly products

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More than staff, a family.

Humanity has a key role in sustainable production.

Without our team and the people employed by our supply chain, we have no product.
We believe that businesses should never operate with profits over people and that’s why we only select suppliers and partners who have values in-line with our own.

Kornit Avalanche HD6 DTG Printer in Our UK Fulfilment Centre

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