Black Friday Tips and Expectations

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This year we’ve taken a different approach to make sure that we’re prepared for uptake in demand, we spoke about this in our latest post.

We’ll also be increasing our customer support hours throughout Black Friday weekend, to make sure we’re here for you when you need us the most. We’ll be available for 12 hours a day, from 6am until 6pm on Thursday through to Tuesday. 

As we head into the busiest retail event of the year, let's take a closer look at what to expect and some last-minute preparation tips.

What to expect?

This year, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is likely to be quite different than usual. With forecasts higher than previous years for online shopping, and a noticeable shift in trends to shopping with sustainable businesses.

Despite the ongoing restrictions, Black Friday spending is still forecast to be the highest in the UK than any other country in Europe. An estimated £5.7 billion will be spent in online retail during the Black Friday weekend alone. (Source: Statista)

It’s the season of gifting, so your main focus will be on products which fulfil this purpose for the biggest audience. With the introduction of our core product range this year, popular products like mugs and sweatshirts are readily stocked on our shelves and allow for an overall quicker turnaround. 

Apparel and accessories dominate the market at this time of year, so keep an eye on your competition to make sure you stand out. Be prepared to challenge the big guns for their spot in the limelight, creative ad campaigns at the ready!

Last-minute tips

Whilst it's too late to make any big changes, there are still some last-minute things to check to make sure you’re excellently prepared. 
  • Promotions
    Have you got your promotions arranged, will you be offering discount codes or a site-wide sale? Make sure to add countdown timers to your website if you want to minimise cart abandonment!
  • Web Traffic
    We suggest testing your website to make sure it can handle a surge in traffic. Our most popular integrated platform, Shopify, has invested lots of time this year to increase their server capacities due to an obvious increase in online shopping. If you’re using Shopify, you can easily check your speed score to see how you compare with similar businesses.
  • Payment
    If you are expecting an increase in sales, but don’t want to manually pay for each order, make sure to take advantage of our credits system to preload your funds and pay for orders automatically. Find out how to do this here.
  • Product Links
    We also recommend checking on your integrated product links throughout the week to avoid any mishaps. As a reminder, all products should show 100% linked so that we can receive your orders. If you need any last-minute support with this, we’ll be on hand all week and throughout the weekend.

Feel free to contact our support team at or via live chat on our website.

We wish you all the best of luck, and can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Caroline Clarke

Caroline Clarke

Head of Customer Support

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