FREE Digitising and Top 3 Tips for Preparing Your Designs


Add new embroidered designs to your store ahead of the festive season with our limited time offer. From now until Friday, 24th September, new designs will be digitised for FREE!

Embroidery is making a comeback in 2021 fashion. Not only is it the most durable way to decorate garments, but embroidery also has the ability to capture unique details and fluorescent colours! This is what gives embroidery the edge making it a popular choice among designers and consumers alike.

Another benefit to embroidery is the variety of materials it can be applied to. Backpacks, hats, and beanies are just a few of the items available only for embroidery, as well as exclusive colours that aren't suitable for printing (i.e Natural Raw, Opal, Serene Blue…).

How do I redeem the offer?

Purchase a sample of your new embroidery design using the discount code FREEDIGI21 at the checkout (the “Promotion Code” field is at the top of our basket page).

This code will knock £12 off any order that includes a digitising fee, so make sure to select “No” under “Have you had this design embroidered before?”. It's limited to one design per order, if you want multiple designs you'll need to place separate orders to benefit from the discount.

Embroidery Option

   🪡 Make the most of your current 4-colour designs by upgrading them to new, more colourful versions! If you haven't already, enhance your embroidery by including six colours per design.

  🪡 Use designs from your existing embroidered products to make new items. Want to embroider more than just clothes? Embroidering your designs on a variety of products proves your brand's character and versatility. From backpacks to beanie hats, embroidery is a smart way to show off your creative business!

  🪡 Redeem the voucher to get free digitising for all new designs on any embroidered product on our website. This includes backpacks, caps, beanies and apparel!

  🪡 This offer is only available until Friday, September 24th, so get your artwork in soon! 

Have you never created designs for embroidery before? Keep reading for our three top tips.

3 tips

Tip 1 – Remove Fine Lines 

Fine lines and details will look beautiful on your digitally printed designs, but they may look obscure or become lost when embroidered. Be sure to remove fine lines that don't need to be embroidered. This will fix any decoration blunders and give your product a higher-quality finish!

Try using fatter lines and larger shapes for embroidered designs. We recommend keeping all lines to an absolute minimum size of 0.125cm (when scaled to 10x10cm). Use our embroidery templates to maximise the size of your embroidery. 

Tip 2 – Use Solid Shapes, Avoid Negative Space

Any solid shapes in your design should be embroidered as such. Don't leave negative space inside your design. It's easier for people to see the awesome design you've drawn when it's a solid stitched colour than it would be for them to decipher a faint outline of the shapes you've drawn.

Instead of leaving empty space, why not try filling the shapes with a thread colour that matches the garment!

Tip 3 - Use a Maximum of Six Colours

You can use up to six different colours in your artwork. This means you won't be able to include the entire rainbow in one design, but you will be able to highlight, darken, and include a variety of thread colours! Maximising the colurs will give your embroidered products even more depth and dimension.

There are 32 colours to choose from, and with more on the way you'll always have lots to pick from!

Also make sure to avoid using gradients in your artwork. All shapes must be block colors, so think of interesting ways to use complementary colours to add depth to your designs.

If you'd like more guidance on preparing your files, check out our embroidery design guidelines

Get a Sample of Your Embroidered Design

Before launching your new designs, test them on a sample order to be sure they look good.

If you need any help before sampling, shoot us an email at We'll make sure that your embroidered item looks fantastic!

You can also see some examples of embroidered designs by visiting our Instagram page.

Ready to get started?

Get creative and save on your embroidery samples with free digitising, only until 24th September!

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