Inkthreadable is moving!

We’ve outgrown our current fulfilment centre and so we’ll soon be moving to a new location. We'll soon have more space to grow, to warehouse blank stock, and to install new equipment.


In fact, another new Kornit install will coincide with the move!

When we’re all settled in we’ll have a fleet of four Kornits, and combined with our new unit Inkthreadable will have the capacity and flexibility to react to fluctuating order volumes at any time of year.

Moving will cause slight disruption

We’ll be gradually moving to our new space over the next few weeks to reduce the impact on order turnaround.

The most disruption will come between 1st to 3rd July when our printing, packing & shipping departments are moved. Packing & shipping capacity will be restored on the 1st July, with printing capacity being fully recovered by 2nd July.

At most, you can expect a 3-day delay for any order queued for printing during these dates.

If you have any questions about the move you can message our team through live chat by clicking the chat icon.

Ashley Grimshaw

Ashley Grimshaw

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