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Inter­national Women's Day and a note from our co-founder

Inter­national Women's Day - Monday the 8th March 2021

Amy Cunliffe - Co-Founder of Inkthreadable

Amy Cunliffe - Co-founder of Inkthre­adable. Wife & Mum of 2 (nearly 3). Passionate about susta­ina­bility and helping others succeed.

Inter­national Women’s Day; a day dedicated to women of all backgrounds to come together and fight for women’s rights and equality. It’s also a day to reflect on women’s achievements and the progress that has been made over the last century. There is still so much change that needs to happen and change needs to come from all genders, not just women. 
We all need to do our part to remove the harmful stereotypes which surround women around the world.

I’m Amy, co-founder of Inkthre­adable, a wife and mother of 2 young boys with a baby girl on the way. I started to build the foundations of Inkthre­adable with my husband, Alex, at the young age of 14. By the time we reached 17, we had the confidence in the business and ourselves to leave education and focus on the company full time.­ We founded Inkthre­adable in 2013, and the years thereafter have taken me through experiences that I could have only dreamed of.
Inkthre­adable now employs near 40 wonderfully talented people and 50% of our team identify as female.­ 

Being a woman, particularly a young woman, in business has had its challenges and still presents challenges. All too often, I have been overlooked and belittled by others. I have been asked for my manager and have been asked what it’s like working for my husband. It’s important to mention that this kind of stereotyping doesn’t just come from men but also from women. I think it highlights that women are often seen as the lesser in society, even by other women. 

It’s always been hugely important to Alex and I that women in our team are provided with the same oppor­tuni­ties as their male colleagues. We have female leaders within the company and always offer equal pay oppor­tuni­ties. We work with all of our team to help them grow into their role and progress with the company. Being a woman should never impact someone’s career or how fast they achieve their goals.

I often feel women have to work twice as hard to reach their goals, compared to men. I’m so proud that Inkthre­adable offers equal oppor­tuni­ties to all genders.­ 

Inkthre­adable’­s service proudly supports many women lead and owned businesses. We provide an opportunity for people to work around their hectic schedules and generate an income stream at a pace that suits them. 

To any woman who is thinking about starting a business, I say jump right in! Not everything will be a success but we often surprise ourselves in how well we can do something. We have to believe in ourselves before expecting others to believe too.


Meet some of the women behind the scenes at Inkthre­adable:

Amy Cunliffe

Co-founder of


Jodie Aldred

Operations Manager

Alison Moorcroft

QC & Packing Department Head

Caroline Clarke

Customer Service Team Lead

Zoe Weaver

Sublimation Department Head

Courtney Finch

Kornit Print Operator

Bev Murray

Embroidery Operator

Louise Sunderland

QC & Packing Operator

Sam Cunliffe

QC & Packing Operator

Emma Ball

Fine-Art Print Operator

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