New, lower price for 11oz mugs

Economies of scales
Noun [plural]
A proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.

Here’s the story. Our research and your feedback says that Inkthreadable's price for custom mugs is too high, and we’re losing out on valuable business as a result. But with our current costs to produce them, we can’t charge less. It’s a bit of a catch-22.

How do we fix this? Economies of scale! (see above)

Lowering the cost of our mugs will offer our customers more flexibility with selling, in turn increasing mug sales and our production levels. The result will be sustainable production at a lower cost!

So, that’s what we’re doing

From 12-noon today, we’re discounting 11oz White Mugs by 21% until 31st May. That makes a single white mug just £3.98 including VAT, plus shipping.

Our aim is to use this period to drive high sales volumes to this product which, in turn, allows us to reduce our price for this product permanently. For it to work, we need to hit some ballsy-but-attainable sales targets.

If you know someone who can help us reach our targets and bring any volume of mug orders to Inkthreadable, we’ll reward you with 5% of their spend for 9 months. Just use your Referral Link!

Finally, we want to know how we can help you sell more printed mugs. Let us know what resources would help you, and where you have difficulty getting sales online in this discussion in the Inkthreadable Hub.

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