Power outage affecting production

⚠️⚡UPDATE (10am, 8th Nov)⚡⚠️

Production is back online! 

We're running on a generator whilst our electricians fix the problem but we expect everything to be resolved by next week. 

Orders placed during the outage will ship by the end of the week and we anticipate no further disruption to production. 

⚠️⚡UPDATE (9:30am, 7th Nov)⚡⚠️

Power is still out to production areas but our current plans will see equipment back online later this afternoon, with orders shipping from tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your patience! And we'll update customers when we have more information. 

⚠️⚡ORIGINAL POST (4:30pm, 6th Nov)⚡⚠️

Our turnaround have been outstanding recently. It's been a real combined effort from the Inkthreadable team and we couldn't be more proud of what they've achieved! We've seen posts from customers where orders have shipped in less than a day, and we think that's amazing - it's quicker than the big retailers! I'm just reminding you of all the good we've done because...

We've had a bit of a power outage. We've managed to restore power to the office, but our production areas have all been affected. Our printing equipment has been offline this afternoon, and whilst our electricians are working on the problem we're not 100% sure when we'll get them back online.

So please, bear with us. And if you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment here, or send a message through live chat or by email. Or even call the office on 01254 777070.

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