Product creator updates: Embroidery

We've updated our embroidery product creator tool with some great new features. 

If you currently have embroidered products saved in your account you’ll want to update or recreate them, and if you don’t… well, there’s never been a better time than now to get started!

Create some embroidered products

New 3D render

Before this update your embroidery artwork was subject to the same filters applied to designs that were being printed. These filters work for prints, but embroidery is an entirely different decoration method with an entirely different result.


The first thing you’ll notice when previewing your product is the new 3D render that’s applied to your artwork. Now your artwork looks embroidered, and your mockups look far more realistic. Pretty jazzy, right?!

Thread selection

Once uploaded, your design will be simplified based on whether or not you want 3D foam. There are different limitations for each option:

  • With 3D foam - maximum of two colours available.

  • Without 3D foam - maximum of four colours available.

You’ll then need to select your thread colours from a pool of 16 available threads:

Colour  Hex Pantone
White #E5E1E6 663C
Black #25282A 426C
Navy #001E62 2758C
Light Grey #D9D9D9 538C
Dark Grey #425563 7545C
Royal Blue #0957C3 2131C
Sky Blue #A7C6ED 2717C
Red #CB333B 1797C
Baby Pink #F9B5C4 707C
Bottle Green #007749 3415C
Golden Yellow #FAB806 1235C
Hot Pink #F65275 212C
Purple #8F1A95 2685C
Lime Green #43B02A 361C
Orange #FC4C02 1655C
Light Brown #C6AA76 466C

Selecting predefined colours in this way means there are no surprises when your designs are embroidered; we’ll use the exact colours you’ve selected when creating the product. Previously, all embroidery was subjective since the machine operator matched colours as closely as possible, but this update means we'll use the exact colours selected every single time we create your product.

Tip: When you've selected your thread colours the product creator will automatically match these up to the colours in your design. The 3D render of your artwork will use these thread colours to offer an accurate representation of the outcome of your embroidery.

If you’re new to embroidery (or even if you’re not) you can find everything you need to know about best practices for creating your embroidery design files in our Help Centre.

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