Catalogue Updates: Continental Clothing

We do our best to continually add high-quality products to our print on-demand catalogue, but unfortunately sometimes we have to remove them too. Continental Clothing has decided to discontinue certain colours and products from their range, and so in-turn we can no longer offer these to you.

Discontinued Products

These products have been removed from sale completely so you will no longer find them available through our online catalogue:

  • N44
  • N03B

Discontinued Colours

These products have not been removed from sale, but one or more of the colours has been discontinued:

Product Colours Removed
EP03 Blue, Dark Heather
EP03V Melange Grey
EP04 Light Grey
EP65 Black Heather
EP66 Black Heather


We understand that removing products from our catalogue can have a big impact on the customers that use them, and for this we can only apologise.

If you currently use the N03B we would recommend switching to the N03 – it’s not quite as thick, but the fit is almost identical and the print quality is outstanding. Alternatively you can talk to our team through Live Chat below or by filling out our contact form.

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