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Though we're quite willing to believe that the first clothes worn by our ancestors were fig leaves, we reckon that the hat came immediately afterwards. Right back through history, hats have played a major part in the development of humanity, from inspiring new fashion styles to representing any number of different jobs.

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It’s said there is a hat for every occasion, and that seems pretty accurate to us. You could spend your whole day changing hats for each new task and, though you might not get the anything done because you're too busy in front of the mirror, at least you’re going to look the part.

Back in the day, the hat would originally have been a simple protective garment. Whether your ancestors were freezing near the poles or living in a constant equatorial heatwave, they were wearing hats while they did it; same garment, two different forms of protection.

In fact, protection was a big deal for our ancestors. Whether real or not, they had evil spirits and curses to ward off! Thus, ceremonial clothing became all the rage and people started sticking all sorts of stuff in their hats, from wonderfully-coloured feathers to the brains of their ancestors. Nice. And you just know that one canny slave was building the pyramids in Egypt, dreaming of the world’s first hard hat.

Even the times when we are most likely to be nude (in bed or bathing), there is a hat that suits: in this case, the shower cap or nightcap (á la Wee Willie Winkie). The very Earth itself wears two massive ice caps. You could even wear the metaphorical, though no less celebrated, thinking cap!

Totally non-metaphorical, and guaranteed to fit, are embroidered caps from Inkthreadable. From the classic fitted baseball cap, to trucker and rapper styles, you can upload your own design (check our embroidery guidelines) and start selling your masterpieces right away. And we promise not to make your customers prove their baseball, trucking or rapping credentials.

Summer is on the way and that means a big spike in the number of caps sold. Take advantage, list some embroidered caps on your store and watch the money start rolling in! You’ll soon be swapping your old hat for a top hat, and you won’t ever have to go anywhere ‘cap in hand’ again.

We take our hats off to your amazing designs. And we promise no more headgear-related puns: and that’s hat! (Sorry.)

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