How To Remove A White Background In PhotoPea

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Do you have a design with a white background that needs to be printed? Taking out the white backdrop from an image may appear difficult, but it's actually quite simple! With the right tools and techniques, anyone can quickly remove a white background.

Ready to print your designs without a white background? This guide will show you an easy-to-use, free online design software that'll do the job - PhotoPea - and also give tips on colour selection and other things to consider when eliminating backgrounds. Let's begin!

Ready to print your designs without a white background?

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Step 1:

Open your image in Photopea, either by dragging and dropping your file or by clicking "File" - "Open" and selecting the file from your PC.

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Open Screen

Step 2:

In the navigation Bar, choose "Select" followed by "Magic Cut...".

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Magic Cut Button

Step 3:

A new window will appear, showing you the original file on the left and the preview on the right. Photopea's Magic Cut tool is very powerful and should select your white background automatically, but if there are any areas the tool hasn't worked correctly, you can use the green or red brushes on the left image to select further areas to add/remove.

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Magic Cut Zones

Step Four:

Once you're happy with the preview, click the 'OK' button in the top right corner.

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Magic Cut Okay Button

Step Five:

Your image should now have a grey and white checkerboard pattern as the main background. Now you're ready to export and save your image, you can do this two ways:

Option A: In the toolbar, click "File", then hover over "Export As" and select "PNG. This will open up a new window where you can check your image quality and dimensions before saving.

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Save forWeb.png

For the best results (or a templated file for an Inkthreadable Front Print Template) your file should have the following settings:

Format: PNG
Width: 3780px
Height: 5906px
Quality: 100%

Once you click the save button, your file will automatically download. This will save into your browsers default save desitination. (Usually just your 'Downloads" folder)

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Save forWeb.png

Option B: With the move tool selected, click the PNG button. This is a downwards pointing arrow, followed by "PNG".

This will instantly save the file to your PC and is a faster solution, but it offers less control over the final image quality.

Inkthreadable_PhotoPea_Tutorial - Quick Save PNG

Now you're ready to upload your artwork to the Inkthreadable Product Creator!

Need some more help? Feel free to join our community of like-minded creatives, The Inkthreadable Hub, or get in touch with our expert support team! 

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