New Colours, New Products: Introducing Stanley/Stella Spring Summer 2023

Are you looking for the latest print-on-demand apparel to update your store this year?  

Look no further than Stanley/­Stella's Spring Summer 2023 collection!

We have an exciting range of six new products and three brand-new colours for existing Stanley/Stella products which are sure to make a statement.

The new collection is about seeing our urban environments from a fresh perspective and cultivating a sense of belonging in our cities. 

So get ready to stand out from the crowd with Stanley/­Stella's SS23 collection!

Made with high-quality DTG techniques, Inkthreadable's Stanley/Stella apparel is printed on demand with no minimum quantities. 

Print what you need, when you need it. 

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New Colours

We've got three fresh new colours for all your favourite Stanley/Stella products:

Deck Chair Red

Deck Chair Red is a stunning and vibrant colour that radiates the energy of summer.

It's an attention-grabbing hue, perfect for making your designs stand out!

Whether you're looking for something bright and cheerful for the warmer months or something to give your store an extra pop of colour, Deck Chair Red is the one.

The vibrant hue of this colour makes it suitable for both light and dark designs. This colour is also available for embroidery in up to 32 shades!

Hex code: #FF233E

Available on: Creator  Changer  Cruiser

Fraiche Peche

Fraiche Peche is a stunning pastel colour with vintage tones that perfectly reflects the season’s relaxing vibe.

This beautiful shade of pink peach has a hint of nostalgic charm, ideal for those who want to make a subtle yet stylish statement.

Pastel shades like Fraiche Peche work best with darker prints, and we wouldn't advise uploading an all-white design. You can use any colour embroidery you like, though!

Hex code: #FFC0A9

Available on: Creator t-shirt — Changer sweatshirt — Cruiser hoodie — Mini Creator t-shirt — Baby Creator — Baby Changer sweatshirt — Baby Bodysuit — Baby Connector 



Go Green

One of the highlights of this collection is the brand-new colour, Go Green!

It's inspired by the lush colours of the outdoors and designed to bring a piece of nature into your urban environment.

This vibrant colour is suitable for any colour design; go light or dark!

Hex code: #00AF92

Available on: Creator t-shirt  Changer sweatshirt  Cruiser hoodie  Mini Creator t-shirt


New Unisex Apparel

Ready to add some fresh new products to your store? Nobody's being left out of this collection. We've got three new unisex adult garments, two for babies and one for kids!

Three brand-new adult apparel styles from Stanley/Stella are sure to make a statement.


The Archer Hoodie, Matcher Sweatshirt and Waker Shorts are all unisex pieces designed for maximum comfort and style.

Available now!



New Kids & Babywear

Last year, Stanley/Stella launched their Babywear line with tees and hoodies; now, they are enhancing the collection to include essential items.

Sell your designs on organic babywear with the Baby Connector hoodie and Baby Bodysuit.

Both garments are print-on-demand, produced with certified organic cotton to guarantee ethical manufacturing processes and great print results.

Or try the Mini Bolter Shorts for Kids, which are the perfect addition to any active youngster's wardrobe.


Who are Stanley/Stella?

We are thrilled to partner with Stanley/Stella, the top name in sustainable fashion blanks. Our partnership ensures that you have access to the best quality products without compromising on values!

Stanley/Stella is a revolutionary apparel manufacturer that puts sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. Committed to reducing the environmental impact of apparel products, they strive to create garments that are ethical, responsible and eco-friendly.

One of the ways they do this is by working with independent suppliers, ensuring that their materials are sourced responsibly - from organic cotton farms to fair labour factories. 

Innovation and excellence have always been core values at Stanley/Stella. They understand that every detail counts, and they don't just stop at apparel - their digital services and supply chain are constantly being improved upon. 

So if you're looking for premium apparel blanks that not only look great but also make an impact, Stanley/Stella is a perfect choice.

This collection has something for everyone - you can't go wrong with stylish and sustainable apparel!


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