The Perfect Gift: 5 Products to Sell Like Crazy This Christmas

By Caroline Clarke - 5 min read - New merchants
The Perfect Gift: 5 Products to Sell Like Crazy This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, which is why we've compiled our top five Christmas products to help you sell more gifts this festive season! It's not all about t-shirts either; there are plenty of different things you could sell in your store.

Whether you're looking for Christmas jumpers, personalised gift sacks or even festive socks - we've got you covered.
These products are wonderful additions to increase your sales throughout the holidays. Add a Christmas motif to your niche design and you'll be away!

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Why should you sell Christmas gifts?

One of the key reasons you should sell Christmas-themed products at Christmas is because of the number of people who buy their gifts online.

According to a worldwide survey, half of all UK consumers want to buy Christmas gifts online! This is just one of the reasons that having giftable products in your online store is a great way to take advantage of this special time of year.

The Christmas season is also a time when many stores make most, if not all, of their profits. For businesses with an online store, you want to make sure that you have gift-friendly products available for all types of consumers.

Are you sold on the power of Christmas presents yet? Let's look at some of the most gift-able products that you can sell with Inkthreadable this year!

Mug crimbo

1. Two-Toned Mugs

Two-toned mugs are a fantastic Christmas gift for people of all ages. They're simple to design, easy to market, and they're functional presents! People love to receive useful things for Christmas - so why not sell gifts that can be used every day?

We see stores incorporate Christmas themes on two-toned mugs in a variety of ways: some add on-brand festive phrases or motifs while others just use their regular non-festive designs and market them as Christmas presents. How you do this will depend on your brand and how you like to merchandise your store.

Christmas time is also the season of hot chocolate, so mugs usually go down a treat at this time of year! Imagine your mugs being used for a hot cup of cocoa on Christmas Eve. 😍

Christmas sack

2. Premium Cotton Christmas Sacks

If you're searching for a really festive product to add to your store, our Premium Cotton Christmas Sack is the one to use. This sack is designed to store presents and is often used as a gift bag, so it's an excellent product to cross-sell with your other items. 

We can print this sack in full colour up to a size of 32x50cm, but please be aware that we cannot print white ink due to the natural colour of the fabric. The sacks are made from 100% cotton and have a traditional two-rope drawstring closure. What could be more ideal than a one-of-a-kind present bag to celebrate Christmas?

Try out our free design template, as shown in this photo. 

Guildan heavy tee christmas guide

3. Personalised T-shirts

Custom t-shirts are also perfect Christmas presents because they're inexpensive yet have a personal touch. They're available for the whole family too; you could market a family pack of "Daddy", "Mummy" and "Baby" tees!

Not everyone likes Christmas jumpers and plenty of people would prefer a t-shirt, which is why they're top-sellers at this time of the year.

We have a huge selection of t-shirts for you to choose from, but we recommend using the Gildan Heavy Cotton for a classic tee that almost everyone loves. If you're an organic-only brand, then the Creator is a great fit too.

Personalisation with Shopify

For an extra personal touch, why not add festive t-shirts and Christmas sacks to your store using our new personalisation tool for Shopify?

This tools adds our product designer to your store, making it possible for your customers to add their own name (or recipients name) to your designs. It's completely automated and will save you a lot of time compared to manually personalising your designs. Find out how to do this in our guide to personalisation on Shopify.

For your Christmas designs, I recommend using the fonts Cherry Swash or Satisfy.

Sweatshirt christmas guide

4. Cosy Christmas Jumpers

Nothing says Christmas quite like a cosy jumper, and they're so easy to sell that you'd be left out if you didn't add at least one to your store. They can come in any colour or style - so long as it's Christmas themed.

The term Christmas Jumper is searched up to 1M times in December, which means it's one of the hottest products in e-commerce at this time of year.

The peak sales time for Christmas jumpers is 6-12th December, so as long as you have your Christmas jumpers live before then, you're sure to see an increase in sales.

We recommend using the AWDis Sweatshirt to receive the best value for money. It's comfy, has inclusive sizing and is available in more than 30 colours. Pictured here is the colour Fire Red, our best-selling Christmas jumper. 

Christmas socks

5. Tube Socks

Last but certainly not least are tube socks, which have become very popular this year. If you feel like Christmas jumpers aren't for you, consider Christmas socks instead!

Who doesn't want some new, comfy socks on Christmas morning?! We recommend using an all-over pattern like this Christmas Tree design; make it look like their feet have been dipped into a festive crafts box.

Design your socks using our tube socks PSD template.

Create, Upload, Sell!

If you're not already selling Christmas gifts on your website, we recommend adding some of these products to your store to take full advantage of the gifting festive season. Christmas is a fantastic time to make money in your business, and Christmas gift items are a great method to increase your revenue!

Now that you've seen what we have to offer, go ahead and get these five Christmas gift items for your shop - we're sure they'll come in quite handy this Christmas. Keep in mind that all of our goods can be produced on-demand by connecting them to your e-commerce site.

Start designing: Two-Toned Mugs  | Christmas Sacks | Personalised T-shirts | Christmas Jumpers | Tube Socks

Struggling to come up with designs?

Check out PlaceIt! They have 368 Christmas t-shirt designs ready to be printed, plus you can get 20% off with our link.

Not sure how to get your products found online?

When writing your product titles and descriptions, use Google's Keyword Planner to find low competition search terms that fit your niche and boost traffic this Christmas.

You don't need to be an SEO expert to make the most of this tool, just enter keywords that relate to your product and brand, then look for terms that have low competition, but a high avg monthly search (1k+).

Avoid competing for generic terms like Christmas Jumper because the chances are, another website (probably Amazon) has way more backlinks and higher ranking SEO than your store.

Instead, niche it down to something more specific. For example, "Let It Snow Christmas Jumper", or "Cat Lover Christmas Jumper". Remember to use terms that have low competition, but a high average monthly search.

Our final note

We hope these strategies will help you take advantage of all the traffic coming into your site at Christmas time. We can't wait to see you increase your sales by offering unique Christmas themed goods to customers - so don't wait any longer! Make sure to add products to your store now before it's too late.

Take advantage of print on demand, we give you the freedom to bring ideas to life!

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