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Update: Integrations page

We've made some significant imporvements to our Integrations page! Improvements include:

  • Integrations are now all listed on one page, so if you have both a WooCommerce and Shopify store you can see them here. 
  • Useful links appear beneath each integration (managing products, installing an integration, etc).
  • Grey cards detail future integrations with a button to sign up to the mailing list for that platform.­ 
  • API and CSV information collated on to one page. Find out everythign you need to know about them using the buttons on their respective cards. 

Along with the practical impro­vements, the design and layout have been completely updated to offer a much more user friendly experience! If you've integrated a store, that store's card will change to offer buttons that you'll find most useful, and if you're not integrated but want to you can start the process from this page easily.­ 

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