Update: Integrations page

We've made some significant imporvements to our Integrations page! Improvements include:

  • Integrations are now all listed on one page, so if you have both a WooCommerce and Shopify store you can see them here. 
  • Useful links appear beneath each integration (managing products, installing an integration, etc).
  • Grey cards detail future integrations with a button to sign up to the mailing list for that platform. 
  • API and CSV information collated on to one page. Find out everythign you need to know about them using the buttons on their respective cards. 

Along with the practical improvements, the design and layout have been completely updated to offer a much more user friendly experience! If you've integrated a store, that store's card will change to offer buttons that you'll find most useful, and if you're not integrated but want to you can start the process from this page easily. 

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