5 Tips To Make Sure you Stick At The Gym

We've all been there. After a particularly indulgent Easter scoffing on chocolate eggs you wake up one morning and catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror. You pinch and prod at the flabby bits of excess skin you've never noticed before. You assess yourself from all angles, like a detective trying to identify the cause of this unwanted blubber. After a few minutes, you decide there's only one thing to do – it's time to join a gym.

But signing up for the gym is the easy part, the hard part is putting in the dedication and having the commitment to get that buff body you've always dreamed about. So the guys and girls at inkthreadable have come up with some handy hints and tips to help you stay on track. Follow our suggestions and you'll soon find your gym routine runs like clockwork!

Dress for the occasion

It goes without saying that dressing for a task helps put you in the right mindset. Have you ever worn one of your work shirts when you're not actually going to work? It still feels like you are, because your body is conditioned to thinking and responding in a certain way. Make sure you have your own gym outfits. When you put them on, your mind will mentally prepare itself for exercise. Check out our gym fashion range for clothing ideas for your workout. Want to go the extra mile? You can even design your own t-shirt for the gym using our online designer.

Have a set routine

Don't just go into the gym and randomly start poking and prodding at different machines. Have a system. A personal trainer can help you come up with a workout routine that pushes you and helps you reach your goals.

Monitor your progress

It's incredible that more people don't do this. Knowing you're getting fitter, faster and stronger is one of the main motivators for coming back. Keep a diary detailing how your workouts went each week, then check again the following week. You'll be amazed at all the progress that would have otherwise gone unnoticed

Go with a friend

This is advice you hear time and time again, and it's not just for going to the gym. Whether it be going on a diet, quitting smoking or anything else that requires determination and willpower, doing it with a friend makes it more likely you'll see results. Doing difficult things is easier when you've got someone for support. Can't be bothered dragging yourself to the gym? Your friend will see you through. Finding it hard running that last mile? You can rely on your friend for support.

Make it fun

Going to the gym doesn't have to be a bore. There's millions of people out there who actively enjoy it. Spice up going to the gym by making a playlist full of your favourite songs, download a podcast or listen to an audiobook. You'll be surprised how quickly the time passes. Been going to the gym for a whole month and stuck to your schedule? Why not give yourself a little treat? There's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself once in a while, it'll spur you to keep going!

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