8 amazing facts you probably didn't know about Easter

Four days off work eating chocolate eggs and bunnies can only mean one thing – Easter is finally upon us again! Regular blog readers will know that here at inkthreadable we absolutely love Easter! So, in order to celebrate Easter weekend we've dug up a list of cool facts you didn't know about Easter. Use them to amuse your friends and confound your enemies into submission over your mind-blowing Easter knowledge.

In the USA, Easter is the second biggest candy consuming holiday behind Halloween. A whopping 120 million tonnes of candy are bought and consumed every year.

Here in the UK an incredible 90 million Easter eggs are sold each year.

76% of people eat the ears of chocolate Easter bunnies first. 5% go for the feet, and 4% go for the tails.

One of the highlights about Easter is the Cadbury's Creme Egg, which is only sold around the Easter period. Did you know the Cadbury factory in Birmingham produces an unbelievable 1.5 million Cadbury's Creme Eggs every single day?

Each year The White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn. This tradition dates all the way back to 1878 and was started by former US president Rutherford B. Hayes.

Are you a fan of a hot cross bun? They were a tradition originally started in the medieval ages by European monks, given as a treat to poor people during Lent.

Eating jellybeans is an American Easter tradition that hasn't really taken off in the UK. Every Easter, Americans eat enough jellybeans to circle the world three times over.

Here's a great fact for parents – 3 out of 4 children say they would be willing to take on extra chores in exchange for more chocolate.

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Happy Easter!

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