3 Reasons to make this week at work a bit easier

Easter is finally over and we've had a lovely time, what have you been up to? One thing that's really common is post-easter depression, where the reality of having to go back in slowly starts sinking in on Monday night, knowing that it'll be another whole year before it's acceptable to spend an entire weekend eating chocolate and rolling eggs.

Getting through this week can be tough, but here at inkthreadable we're always looking on the bright side of life. So here's a quick list 3 of reasons that will make going back to work tomorrow seem just a little bit easier.

The week is that little bit shorter

Ever come into work on a Monday, only to spend the whole day talking about how it doesn't feel like a Monday? Well tomorrow, a miraculous thing is going to happen. It's going to feel like Monday morning, but really it'll be Tuesday. All you need to do is see tomorrow out and before you know it it'll be Wednesday, and that's practically the half way point of the working week!

There's more bank holidays on the way

That's right, this time of year is bank holiday season! There's two more bank holidays in May alone, meaning the whole month is going to be filled with more extended weekends for you to look forward to. And just in case you've got your diary to hand, the bank holidays in May fall on May 5th and May 26th

Give yourself something to look forward to

Gutted about going back to work? Start planning something fantastic for next weekend! There must've been loads of things you really wanted to get done this weekend but didn't manage? Whether it be spending time with friends in the pub, or taking advantage of that hot air balloon ride on Groupon – promise yourself that next weekend you're going to make the most of it. Maybe you want to treat yourself to some clothes, or even design your own T-shirt with inkthreadable? Give yourself something to look forward to and watch the week fly by!

We'd love to know what you've been doing with your bank holiday, so why not tweet us what you've been up to by sending your tweets to the twitter username @inkthreadable

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