4 New Fashion Designers Set To Take The World By Storm

It should come as no surprise to hear that we at inkthreadable love fashion. One of the great things about 2014 is we're starting to hear from more up and coming fashion designers who are keen to work with us, helping bring their style to life. We get a buzz from creating totally unique clothing, and so we're always excited when a new fashion designer wants to work with us.

One of the things we're really interested about is new emerging designers. It helps us keep right on the cusp of the latest fashion trends and allows us to stay one step ahead of the game. So, in no particular order, here's 4 fashion designers we're keeping a close eye on this year.

Jonathan Simkhai

Most people will say that they knew they wanted to get into fashion from an early age, however few can claim to having a job in fashion aged just 14. After being seen picking out clothing for his friends by a shop owner in New York City, Jonathan was offered a sales job at a store in his hometown of Scarsdale. His natural talent made him stand out and before long he was working in purchasing, buying clothing lines from manufacturers across New York.

Simkhai says his “eureka” moment came when he noticed his girlfriend borrowing his shirts. He was inspired to create a clothing range based around the juxtaposition of traditional masculine style around feminine forms. This look has since become his trademark, and his “menswear-inspired womenswear” is tipped for big things in the next year.

Otswald Helgason

Started by Susanne Otswald and Ingvar Helgason, this London-based design label held it's second ever presentation at the prestigious Milk Studios during New York fashion week with a collection that had critics swooning, with one even describing it as “the most memorable this season”.

They first appeared on the radar way back in 2010, instantly becoming a favourite amongst the fashion elite. However the last few months have seen a new clothing line gain more mainstream support, with the popstar Rihanna said to be a huge fan of the label. With the backing of fashionistas the world over, it looks like 2014 could be a big year for Otswald Helgason.

Misha Nonoo

Owner and creator of the “Nonoo” fashion label, Misha Nonoo has a strong international pedigree to draw on, having spent her childhood in Bahrain, her teen years in London and spent time in Paris whilst at college.

It is this sense of inter­nati­onalism that really comes across in her clothing, as Misha draws upon her time in Europe to create designs she calls “a new, refined elegance”. Her fashion label creates clothing for women in their twenties right up to their 60s. Her latest collection was her must successful to date, all of it being made in her factory in New York.

Darlene and Lizzy Okpo

Born in the Bronx and now residing in Brooklyn, sisters Darlene and Lizzy Okpo are one of the biggest sensations in the fashion world so far this year, with their style being described as “undeniably cool”. Their fashion label “William Okpo” is named after their father, and was originally based around Nigerian military design. 

Last year the sisters presented GenArt's “Fresh Faces of Fashion” show, and just last month brought their first collection to coincide with the New York Fashion Week. Make no mistake, William Okpo looks set to take over the fashion world.

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