4 Tips To Planning The Perfect Lads Holiday

Who doesn't love a good lads holiday? Chilling by the pool or the beach during the day with your mates, getting horrifically drunk and doing something stupid at night. Lads holidays are where legends are made, they're often the birthplace for the sort of wild drunken stories your friends will be retelling for years.

With the summer fast approaching, now is the time to start making plans, getting deposits together and working out which area of the world you'll be spending two weeks partying at. Planning a lads holiday can be quite stressful, so us lovely guys and girls at inkthreadable thought we'd share some handy hints to make it a bit easier.

Get a package deal through a travel agent

A package deal is when you book your flights and hotel together as a package, and is typically offered by most travel agents. By booking these together you offer extra security on your booking, meaning if anything happens the travel agent is liable to sort it out. If you book your flights and hotel by yourself and something goes wrong, it's you that has to fix it. You're on your own.

Package deals are great, especially when booking for a large group of friends. Plus it means everyone pays the same price.

Choose your destination wisely

There's now more 18-30s party destinations across the world than ever before, meaning more choice for the intrepid traveller. But how to decide where to go? Well you can ask friends, take advice off travel agents, or you can have a look online yourself. Nowadays there's a ton of review sites such as tripadvisor and lonelyplanet that will let you know everything about the area you're staying.

Want to know how much a pint will be? Then use numbero – an online collection of various prices from across the world. By checking numbero you'll have a good idea for how much spending money to take, and whether that cool new destination in Europe really is as cheap as everyone says it is.

Get your dates right

So you've picked where you're going, now you need to decide when. It goes without saying you need to choose a date that's suitable for all your travelling companions, but have you thought about choosing a date to coincide with an event on at your holiday destination?

By doing your research you can make sure you don't turn up to party the day after your favourite band has left town.

Make sure you get the T-Shirts!

It's not a lads holiday without the T-shirts! We stock a range of lads holiday T-Shirts for a whole range of different venues, so make sure you and the rest of your party are kitted out. Fancy something more adventurous? Then why not design your own t-shirt, you can even add custom text and pictures!

Have we missed any tips? Where are you going on holiday this year? Tweet us @inkthreadable

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