Is your band ready for T-Shirt merchandise?

Every great band started somewhere. Bedrooms and garages across the world act as studios to aspiring artists honing their craft, and the lucky few will one day make it in the music industry and sell their songs to the world.

Ask anyone in the business and they'll tell you that the music industry is changing. With avenues such as social media and Youtube, it's now easier than ever before for musicians to upload their creations and gain instant exposure to a wider audience. The traditional method of sending tapes off to managers and producers in hope of a contract is no longer the best route to stardom – record labels are looking increasingly to a band's web presence to gauge its fan-base and judge the potential for record sales.

Band Merchandise

A great way for bands to show off their fan-base and make a bit of extra money is to produce their own merchandise. These can be sold before and after any live gigs, as well as on the internet via the musician's official website. Or why not give away merchandise through Facebook and Twitter competitions?

In the past, band merchandise was something covered by the record label. But nowadays with more and more independent artists finding mainstream success, musicians are taking band merchandise into their own hands. Making your own merch is relatively cheap too, meaning it's not out of the reach of most artists.

Band Merchandise T-Shirts

The most common piece of band merchandise is having T-Shirts printed showcasing your band. This typically consists of having a band logo or an album cover on the front of the T-Shirt, followed by a list of tour dates on the back. As well as being inexpensive to produce, these can be sold to fans and present a good second revenue for aspiring artists. Band merchandise T-Shirts also act as a great piece of advertising, helping to get your name out there and introduce yourself to potential new fans.

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