Band Merchandise

With so many bands around recently it isn’t just your music that gets you noticed. Most cool T-shirts you see are a Band Merchandise tee. So if you have a band shouldn’t you think about having some really cool merch? YES! It doesn’t have to break the bank either! There are two different main types of printing that are used. (and we offer both!).

So first of all there’s screen-printing:

Screen Printing is perfect for simple logos and designs that don’t have many colours involved. Screen printing is cheap, it’s the cheapest printing you can get, but (and there’s always a but) you have to order in bulk to get it cheap and for it to be worth the set up costs. We have a minimum order quantity of 30 units for screen printed orders.

So how does it work? Well you send us your artwork and there will be a set up cost for each screen (there’s a screen for every colour used). So if your design has 3 colours you will have 3 different screens, which is your set up cost.

Then you will have the t-shirt cost and the print cost.

Then there is Direct to Garment Printing (DGP):

DTG printing is perfect for smaller runs of lots of different designs with lots of detail and colour. It isn’t as cheap but there are no minimum order quantities and there is NO set up cost.

So how does it work? Just send us your artwork and the colour of t-shirt / garment you would like and we will get you a price! Simple!

If you’re unsure what the best method is for you, well that’s why we’re here! Drop us an email @ or give us a call on 01254 777070.It’s also good if your selling your merch online and not at gigs because then you don’t need to hold stock you can just drop us an email and we will drop ship it out directly to you or your customer in plain cover.

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