Quirky is the new Corporate

Think about the big companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola (and I could go on all day) But haven’t things changed? You’re no longer greeted with a typical sales person who just wants your money and custom. In fact you’re probably met with a friendly, bubbly character who is happy to talk to you for as long as you like! Did you know, you’re actually much more likely to actually purchase the product if you’ve felt at ease and not pushed into buying it. You’re also likely to shout it to the world via the ‘socials’ (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.). And guess what? Customer reviews and word of mouth are much more appealing to us than what the company have to tell us, because it’s the truth!

So, let’s have a think about what else these companies are doing. So Facebook and twitter are huge social media platforms! These companies have a huge social presence and they interact with their customers through the sites, which mean all of their friends can see what they have to say about the certain businesses. If your business is not on Facebook and/or twitter then you’re really missing out! The socials are a great way of free advertising the whole like / share / retweet business means that when someone does like / share or re-tweet then their friends will see it which can extend your customer base.

People may complain on your socials and you have to be careful how you react. For example someone complained to ‘Boost energy drinks’ and said they are moving (or rather ending their relationship to go out with someone else!) to ‘Red Bull energy drinks’. So, Boost replied continuing the relationship theme (giving businesses a character as if they’re an actual person) saying they don’t want the relationship to end and they will give him free boost drinks! Another clever trick is giving unhappy customers discount codes and a replacement. This then shows other customers that you deal well with problems and care.

So what does this have to do with us? Well think about it, what better way to impress your customers than having a quirky, funky uniform? That’s why we’re here, to give you something new. Yeah, we can embroider your black polo-shirt with your logo *yawn* but why would you want that when you could have something quite spectacular? We will work with you to design your fully customised new uniform and for a cracking price! We have all the latest equipment that other companies just don’t have. So, why would you go somewhere else (plus our customer service is, well pretty damn good and we’re down to earth so we will tell you if something won’t work or won’t look right). We’re also industry experts we know how uniforms should be laid out, how they can be laid out and how they shouldn’t be laid out. After all, we’re not just a pretty face.

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