Tips of creating and running your clothing business

At Inkthreadable we work with many clothing brands as well as running our own. Each day we witness and follow many of these brands and notice their strengths and unique creativity as well as downfalls and weak movements.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the most vital skills and tips for running a successful clothing business.

  • Believe in Yourself! Without doing this, you will get nowhere. Self-belief is key in business, it gives you the drive and determination to be succesful and achieve your aspirations.
  • Stay Focused and Work Hard! If you are only half-hearted to your business don't expect to become the next Obey or Hype. It takes time, persivierence and determination to become well estabalished. Keep in mind that customers will not come looking for you - You have to find them.
  • Find a Mentor! If you are lucky enough to find a contact in the same industry as you that is willing to give you advise and help as a mentor that's brilliant. If you are unable to find someone, the internet is a goldmine! Join Forums and follow blogs that are related to your industry for great advise from the industry experts. I would recommend visiting T-Shirt Forums.
  • Find a Good Team! I consider this to be probably the key factor to how far you can take your business. You may think that you will be able to create a succesful brand on your own. Nine times out of ten, you can't. 
    I would advise you to research your industry, write a good business plan and pitch it to potential investors, friends, family or anyone that you think could be an asset to your business and would like to be in it for the long run. Having other people assist you with developing your business will give you many more ideas between you and having a team made up of different experts means that you will get more jobs done to a higher quality.
    Always make sure that either you, or one of your team is business minded. 
  • Be Confident and Don't Get Knocked Back! Don't be scared to be told no and have people critisise you. Constructive Critism is great when taken well; It can really help for you to understand what your market likes and dislikes. Use it to your advantage! Don't be Defeated!
  • Be Prepared to Take Risks! Risk taking is an important part of business and good entrepreneurs can judge when it is sensible to do so. Be sure to carefully look at and judge the actions and the results that you may acheieve. 
  • Invest! Not just money, but time also. In our Dropshipping Advice page we talk about how it doesn't have to be costly to start your business and how we can eliminate the necessity of stock buying but you will still incur other costs such as website fees, stationary, rent, bills. However, there are ways to reduce these costs as much as possible which we are happy to discuss with you.
  • Be Open Minded! Be influenced by everything around you and with things in your daily life. This often comes naturally!

These are just a couple of tips that we offer to our customers. We don't just supply our customers with beautifully printed t-shirts, we offer them our wealth of knowledge and advice to help their t-shirt business succeed so that we can supply them for generations to come. 

if you would be interested in working with Inkthreadable, please contact us by using the contact form or call us on 01254 777070

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