Event Planning

Event Planning:

Event planning is stressful, whether it is your full time job or you’re helping a friend or charity. If it is your full time job or business then you may want to consider printed t-shirt / hoodies etc. Why? Well when your hopping frantically from place to place a printed garment with all your details on would be perfect for everyone you pass to see what you do! You would basically be a walking billboard which is a lot cheaper than advertising on an actual billboard!

Also, friends of the person having an event will see you and know who you are so they can ask you for help during the event as well as noticing you if they ever need an event organising.

We bet you use your phone all day long too! So why not think about a printed phone case? It will look like a business card and very professional!

We can also help if the event needs t-shirts for themselves i.e. a hen do, stag do, birthday etc. and we will work with you to offer you trade prices so you can make a mark up on these too (a bit of extra money without the stress)

We also print t-shirts for charity events, if you have a charity in mind please contact us!

If you would like to hear more about what we can do for you then drop us an email at info@inkthreadable.co.uk or give us a call on 01254 777070!

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