Event Terms & Conditions

The event

These terms and conditions are for the event 'Inkthreadable: Behind the Screens', and whilst there may be some crossover with the Terms and Conditions for our website, www.­inkthreadable.­co.­uk, the terms and conditions on this page relate exclusively to this event.


All event tickets are free of charge, there are no hidden fees and no costs on the day, though you are responsible for any travel and accommodation expenses. Anything provided during your visit, including lunch and samples, will be provided at Inkthreadable’s cost.

Since all tickets are free we don’t ask for a deposit to hold your place. If you can no longer attend, or you booked an extra ticket that you no longer need, you must contact Inkthreadable to let us know as soon as possible so that we can re-release these tickets to other customers.

Health and Safety

You will be given a health and safety briefing on arrival and you agree to abide by Inkthreadable’s health and safety guidelines at all times during the event. You may be asked to leave the premises if you purposely breach our health and safety guidelines, or otherwise do anything that puts other attendees or Inkthreadable staff at risk of injury.


During the event you will have very limited access to the designs of other customers. This access will be during a tour of the premises, when you will be given the opportunity to walk around the various production rooms and observe how products are printed. You will not be permitted to take photographs or otherwise copy or reproduce these designs, and any attempt to do so will be considered a breach of copyright and you may be asked to leave the premises at our discretion.

You will be permitted to take photographs during the event, however if you would like to take a photograph of a production area you must first ask permission from a member of the Inkthreadable team that is involved with the event. This is simply to protect the copyright of our customers. You give consent to have photos of yourself taken during the event by other attendees and Inkthreadable staff to be used for marketing purposes.