NEW Reward Pricing Tiers

Do you want to earn discounts on your monthly spending with Inkthreadable?

Well, stick around because we're introducing a new Reward Pricing system to allow you to do just that!


Starting on April 1st 2022, we'll be offering discounts of up to 10% to sellers who meet our spending goals. This is a great opportunity to save on your printing costs and increase your profits whilst growing your business. So don't miss out - start selling today to begin taking advantage of discounted pricing!


Discount Tiers

As your brand grows and sales increase, you can benefit from economies of scale with larger discounts. It's just one more way we can help you save money while growing your business. Plus with each tier, you'll unlock additional perks, with every new tier adding more perks to your account. 

There are five tiers to our reward pricing system:

Tier Name Eligible Spend Goal Monthly Discount Additional Perks
Innovate £0 0% -
Launch £500 5% Exclusive Marketing Resources
Develop £1,500 8% Advanced E-commerce & Integration Support
Scale £2,500 9% Access to Returns & Inventory Management*
Momentum £7,500 10% Dedicated Account Manager & Support Channel

*Additional picking and fulfilment charges apply. 

How It Works 

All you need to do is reach an eligible spend target with your monthly sales, and for the following month, you'll save up to 10% on all orders.

A quick example of how this works; if you place orders with an eligible spend total of £500 this month, you will unlock Launch status for next month and save 5% on all orders for the full month.

Eligible Spend Calculations

The monthly discount is based on your eligible spend for the month prior. This is the total value of all orders placed in that month, excluding shipping & fulfilment charges and non-eligible order types like credit purchases.

Eligible Spend Base Product Spend + VAT before Discounts.
Shipping, Picking and Fulfilment Charges excluded.
Spend from all other product types excluded (e.g. credits purchases).

For example, if you place an order with a total value of £40 including shipping on the Royal Mail 24 Tracked method, we would remove the shipping cost of £3.88 and £36.12 will be counted as Eligible Spend towards your next tier. Get only 42 orders like that in one month, and you'll level up to the Develop tier, saving you 8% on all products!

What if I Don’t Reach the Goal?

If you don't meet your eligible spend goal to keep on your tier in a given month, you'll be moved down to the tier you met the requirement for. If your sales dip for a month, this could result in you moving down several tiers.

You'll need to try again the following month to earn enough sales to meet the goal and unlock a higher discount on your orders.
We know that some months may have lower sales than others, and if you're on a higher tier for three months or more, we may be able to assist with some stability. In this scenario, we'll be willing to provide grace periods of up to 30 days; please contact us for more information.

Contributing Accounts

If you have several Inkthreadable accounts or run multiple stores, you can hugely benefit from reward pricing by combining all of your accounts' purchases toward your eligible spend goal, and in turn, earning discounts on all of your contributing accounts.

This means that if you run two Inkthreadable accounts and each one has an eligible spend of £750 in a given month, you'll unlock the Develop tier 8% discount and perks on both accounts by combining the totals to meet the goal of £1,500. 

All you need to do is let us know about your contributing accounts, and we'll link them up so that all of your accounts will contribute towards your goals and discount tier. 

How Can I Keep Track of My Eligible Spend?

We'll send you a reminder every month to inform you of your current tier, along with handy information like how much more you need to go to make it to the next discount. 

If you're close to levelling up, we'll let you know 7 days before the end of the month as a reminder. 

We'll also be providing a user dashboard on our website in the following weeks to allow you to easily monitor your spending and savings. Keep an eye out for a rundown on that later.

Early Access to Launch Tier 5% Discount

Want to start saving right away? We're giving all users the chance to purchase early access to Launch and start saving 5% on all orders from the 1st of April. 

Early access will keep your account on tier Launch for 90 days irrespective of your eligible spend, and this won't prevent you from earning higher tiers if your eligible spend allows it.

You'll also get access to our exclusive marketing resource centre, which includes fresh mockups, web banners, and social graphics you can use to advertise your business.

This is a great opportunity for new businesses to launch with savings for the first 90 days.

Unlock Discount for 90 Days

Final Thoughts

We hope that reward pricing will help motivate you to grow your business to new heights. You can save up to 10% on your monthly print costs, plus gain access to new features and exclusive marketing resources. 

If you're an existing Inkthreadable merchant, you don't need to do anything to enrol and your account will automatically be assigned a tier in April based on your sales in March.

Not an Inkthreadable merchant yet? Don't miss out - sign up today and start taking advantage of monthly discounts!

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