Earth Day 2023: How Can We Make a Difference?

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We all know the planet needs help to stop climate disruption, end species loss, and ultimately save human lives. And most of that help must come from international organisations and world leaders. But does that mean we, small businesses and individuals, should be doing nothing?

I didn't think so! That's why we're sharing a list of actions you can take right now to do your bit this Earth Day (and all year round 🫡). Plus, we'll let you in on what we're doing to be a more sustainable partner for you to work with.

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Plant Trees with Ecologi

This is so easy, you can do it from your sofa!

You can automatically plant trees for every order you receive by adding the Ecologi app to your Shopify store. If you sign up in April they'll give you 100 free trees, and it's only 24p per tree afterwards!

Not using Shopify? You can still use Ecologi to plant trees independently, it just won't be as automatic.

Why plant trees? 

Planting trees helps combat climate change by absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen.

One mature tree absorbs an average of 21kg of CO2 per year, and absorbs a tonne over its lifetime!

Trees also provide shade, conserve soil, and support biodiversity in wildlife.

By planting trees through initiatives like Ecologi, online businesses can make a tangible impact on the environment and work towards a more sustainable future.

We've been planting trees with Ecologi for over 3 years and have 11,400+ trees in our forest. Want to see?

organic cotton farmer holding a hand full of soil and a garment worker in bangladesh smiling

Sell Sustainable Fashion

Did you know the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world?

But it doesn't have to be that way! Sustainable clothing can help reduce the industry's impact by using materials and practices that are kinder to the planet (and the people).

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Organic - Most sustainably-made clothing is created using organic cotton sourced from a farmer with approved soil certifications.

Fair - All people involved in the process, from the cotton farmers to the print operators, receive fair payment for their work.

Toxic-free - Sustainable clothing is free from any toxic dyes or chemicals that could harm people and the environment.

Vegan and cruelty-free - Sustainable clothing does not contain any materials derived from animals, such as leather, wool, or dyes made from animals.

Sustainable clothing not only helps protect our environment but also helps us create a fairer and more equitable society for everyone. By selling sustainable fashion and promoting a longer life for your products, we can make sure that workers throughout the supply chain receive fair wages and conditions, as well as help to reduce waste from discarded clothing. It's an important step towards creating a greener future for all of us!

If you're looking for high-quality, sustainable blank garments, look no further than Stanley/Stella.

We work with Stanley/Stella to bring you fairtrade, organic blank garments that you can use for your sustainable clothing brands.

Design your sustainable clothing letters drawn in the sand to say no more plastic

Reduce Plastic Consumption

Plastic packaging is so last century! Did you know that a typical plastic bag takes 1000 years to decompose? And even then, the micro plastics that are left behind continue to pollute the environment. You'll be long gone, but your plastic consumption won't be.

We've been using plastic-free packaging since 2018 and are proud to help other online businesses reduce their plastic consumption by shipping in paper bags.

Our shipping bags and boxes are made from FSC paper/­cardboard, and are fully home-compostable! 

hand reaching out of a pile of paper receipts

Go Paperless

As a small business or individual, it's worth considering just how much paper you might use for your accounting, orders, or even purchasing goods.

We've been a paperless business since 2016 and use an online invoicing system to send invoices and order confirmations. We also use an online accounting system, so we don't have to print out any of our financial information.

Going paperless not only saves time, but it's great for the environment too!

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Participate in Advocacy

Speak up about Earth Day! 📢

Share a post on social media, donate to an organisation, join an online discussion about the environment, or do as we do and write a blog to share your ideas.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to rethink the way you do things and make sustainable choices. By planting trees, selling sustainable fashion, reducing plastic consumption and going paperless, small businesses in the fashion industry can help to create a greener future!

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Inkthreadable. 🌍💚

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