Feature Update: Adding External References to Manual Orders

When an order is placed through an integrated store the order reference from the external store is attached to the Inkthreadable order by default. This allows customers with a store integrated with their Inkthreadable account to easily identify which order corresponds with which customer.

This feature was previously only available for stores integrated with Inkthredable, but we've now updated our system to allow all customers to manually attach external order references to Inkthredable orders.

Adding an external reference when placing orders manually

You can find the new 'External Reference' field during the checkout process. Follow the checkout steps as normal, and at the order confirmation stage (where you have the options to save the order or proceed to payment) you'll find a new field.

external reference

The option to add external references has also been added for developers using Inkthreadable's API, and for customers using the CSV upload feature to place a high volume of orders manually.

If you have any questions about this new feature please contact our support team either through live chat (click the chat bubble below) or by emailing info@inkthreadable.co.uk.

Ashley Grimshaw

Ashley Grimshaw

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