How to refresh your store for Spring 2020

We could ask you if you’re ready to ‘spring into Spring’, or prepped for a ‘Spring Clean’ but as much as we’re fans of recycling we thought we’d take a different approach and offer some valuable content. So here are some ways you can refresh your store’s content for Spring.

1. Update your website images

Your store imagery holds power. Forget about SEO and image metadata for a minute (just for a minute, it’s actually pretty important stuff) and think about clothing brands you regularly buy from. If you consider what influences your decision to buy a particular t-shirt or hoodie the first thing will probably be imagery. Either banners, category images or specific product images; they each guide your journey through a site’s pages towards the goal of selling you a product.

Your own imagery can become dated quickly, especially if you haven’t touched it since your store launched. Trends and styles shift with the seasons, and repeat customers will notice if your website looks the same each time they visit. The solution? Aim to refresh your banner and category images at least 4 times a year in line with the seasons. You should also look to refresh your product images once or twice a year if possible. 

And the great thing about living in such a progressive age for technology is you don’t need a design department sinking hours and days into perfecting your imagery. Services like Placeit offer the ability to create high quality, personalised videos, banners, and product mockups for a low monthly fee (and 20% off if you sign up through the link above!).

2. Update your store’s content

By far the easiest way to keep content fresh and dynamic is to regularly post in your blog. There are oodles of reasons for doing this but the biggest is for SEO purposes. Let’s be honest, how many times have you paused in your day to stop and read a blog post? One or two might catch your eye, but as sad as it is for a content writer to admit it, the real value in a blog post isn’t in getting people to read the minutiae of it. 

Keywords. Valuable, SEO enriching, search engine crawler catching keywords. Content refreshing in your blog not only keeps your store’s content up-to-date and relevant, but it drip-feeds SEO juice into your store’s stockpile. And the more you have, the easier it is to be found organically when your customers are searching for a brand just like yours.

Another way to refresh content is through creating new landing pages for seasonal events - like Christmas, Halloween or (quite topically) a new Spring/Summer collection in your catalogue! A landing page offers new real estate for written content and imagery. It’s win-win. Batch your relevant products together in a category, sprinkle your content on top, and serve with a side salad. 

3. Bring new products in, phase old products out

Print-on-demand’s biggest contribution to e-commerce is product accessibility. You don’t need to print bulk runs, or work with a manufacturer to cut-and-sew a new flagship product for the season. Unlike high-street stores you have freedom! 

If you’re currently selling on-demand you should be launching new products regularly, and you have absolutely no excuse not to. New products refresh your store’s content, attract both new and existing customers, and generally show that your brand is not stagnant. And if your store plays on contemporary fashion, popular culture or current trends then it’s a must. You can even follow suit with the fashion brands and launch regular and consistent collections for each fashion cycle, or you can carve your own path and refresh to your own schedule. Either way, it’s a must. 

So if you can launch new products on a whim, why can’t you remove one? Say if a product isn’t selling, or is no longer relevant? You may be attached to it personally, but if the product isn’t selling then it’s not doing you any favours. Plus, rather than outright deleting the product you can un-publish it, and perhaps relaunch it in the future following research to understand why it doesn’t sell. 

And that’s it. Go forth and sow the fields of your store with new and enriching content!

Ashley Grimshaw

Ashley Grimshaw

Content Manager

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