This is everything you can do with clothing mockups!

As a POD seller, you know how competitive the market can get. Using every advantage you can to get ahead of your competitors should be a constant thought in your mind. What if we told you there is one tool that can: 

  1. Reduce your work time image-wise

  2. Reduce your budget

  3. Make it easier for you to update your content

  4. Eliminate your need for a photographer or expensive equipment

  5. Eliminate your need for expensive editing software

Sound great? These are just a few of the wonders of using mockups instead of shooting your own images. 

Using clothing mockups for your designs can really up your game. Most POD sellers don’t print their products unless they are bought, which is why this tool allows you to showcase all your designs without ever printing. No matter the style you are looking for or what product you’re selling, you can find it all online as long as you choose the appropriate tool for you! 

This means choosing a tool that can offer tons of different styles of t-shirt mockups, hoodie mockups, or other products you are selling. Sellers that use the same image a thousand times don’t look professional and customers get tired of these images even if they are showcasing different designs. 

Inkthreadable Placeit men's t-shirt mockup generated on placeit

Apparel Mockups with Models

Show off your designs being used by all kinds of models with apparel mockups. Children, seniors, people from all around the world, people with different body shapes, people with different conditions, anything you are looking for, you can find with a tool that is diverse. We recommend Placeit’s mockups because of their huge library of images that is continuously growing.  

inkthreadable placeit kid's mockup generated on placeit

Product Mockups

Show your products with the most flattering light and no distractions around it using product mockups. These are great for catalogs, online shops, and more. You can choose to go with a simple studio shoot or maybe get a little more creative. 

Print Mockups

Not everything is about garments, you can also sell all kinds of cute prints! Whether it’s phone cases, hangable art prints, posters, and more, you can find a perfect mockup for it and again you can choose whether to show a model in your image or simply show the product.

Now Over to You

Making mockups with Placeit is as easy as dragging and dropping your image on to the ‘upload’ box or selecting your file right from your computer. You can resize and place your design anywhere in the drop space, you can add color to the product and sometimes even change the background. Also, it’s the biggest mockup library online!

Find a mockup tool that suits your needs and start saving hours of work and tons of money with high-quality mockups to showcase your designs.

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