5 reasons why your brand needs to sell Inkthreadable’s 11oz mugs


Does your brand include mug products in its catalogue? It should. The reasons why are boundless, so we’ve listed our five top to introduce you to the wonderful world of selling 11oz mugs.

1. They’re cheap as chips.

According to Inflation Data the average price of fish and chips in the UK is currently £3.30, though it’s as high as £5 in London. So depending on where you live in the UK Inkthreadable’s 11oz mugs are actually cheaper than chips! Our mugs are actually the cheapest product available from Inkthreadable.

A cheap product sold with a high mark-up means mo’ money in your pocket. Which is what it’s all about, really. And don’t think cheap on-demand mugs have to be poor quality because…

2. You won’t find a higher quality 11oz mug elsewhere.

That’s right. We’re that confident. It comes not only from customer reviews and the years of experience we have in printing mugs on-demand, but from the industry leading equipment we use. 

Our software was designed for colour accuracy, meaning the print file you provide is recreated faithfully on your coffee mug. The mug itself is the highest quality available in the UK, and its packaging when shipped to your customer has been designed bespoke for Inkthreadable to protect the mug, and look fantastic doing it.

3. Inkthreadable’s 11oz mugs ship fast. Real fast.

11oz mugs are part of our 2 day shipping range, which simply means they’re guaranteed to ship a maximum of 2 working days after the order was placed. Though depending on how busy things are you could actually see a mug order ship in just hours!

Our mug press pops out a mug every 13 seconds, using robotic arms to move, press and cool each one for quick packing. Imagine an on-demand product which regularly ships in less than a day during quieter periods, yet consistently ships within two working days during peak trade. This brings us nicely on to…

4. 11oz mugs make marvellous gifts.

According to tea.co.uk 84% of the UK drinks tea, and inhales a colossal 36 billion cups of it a year.

Think of the potential! 36 billion cups of tea need 36 billion mugs to act as a delivery and consumption aid. So why can’t your mug be one of them? And that’s without even bringing coffee into the equation. American’s drink coffee like it’s full of an addictive chemical.

If the world loves a brew then by extension we must collectively love a good mug. Think of your mugs at home: you have a favourite, don’t you? You’re picturing it in your mind right now, full of your beverage of choice, steaming away like a hot spring on a chilly evening, beckoning you in closer and closer until you just give in and take a sip.

Your brand’s mugs could be THE mug for someone. And that’s amazing.

5. Need a product to upsell? Mugs will work wonders.

We’ve already established they’re cheap, of great quality, and ship pretty darn quick. And since you’re selling them through print-on-demand fulfilment there are no up-front costs to listing a mug product or two on your site. This all adds up to 11oz mugs being an ideal product for upselling to customers.

Let’s go on a journey. Imagine you’re your customer. You’ve added a t-shirt to your basket at £35 and you’re heading to the checkout. But wait! You’ve just seen a banner: FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER £45… and to be honest, that sounds pretty good. You’d rather spend an extra £10 on a product than £6 on shipping. So after a little browsing you find a mug priced at £12, and it’s the greatest mug you’ve ever seen. In fact, if you ordered one it might even replace your current favourite as the new and improved favourite. So you add it to your cart, your order totals £47, and you get free shipping.

Swap back to being the store owner, and you see this order come through; you’re happy, your customer is happy, and the upsell netted mo’ money which otherwise you would have missed out on.

Ashley Grimshaw

Ashley Grimshaw

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