New collection ideas to build ready for relaunch!

Here are a few ideas for some new collections to introduce to your store after the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we’ve all got time on our hands, there’s no better time than now to be preparing to succeed in the rest of 2020! I’ve put a list together of how you can use our catalogue of products to help you build a few different collections to boost your reopening and product range.

The Comfy Collection


It’s cool when people are out and about getting snaps in all your newest designs, but what about if you could also fill the market for the perfect loungewear collection? There are just as many social media posts about takeaway nights, so why not capture this too? With a couple of hoodies and t-shirts… just the product name needs to stray from the norm. Round this all off with some custom socks and you’re on to a winner! 

The Essential Collection


Already got a loyal fanbase? Got loads of designs? Well, this might just give you an easy sell! Try a few t-shirts, hoodies or sweaters that display just your logo. Nice neutral colours like black, white and grey. These are everyday items that people need, don’t go wild. Top tip for these, price them ever so slightly lower than the rest of your items. Although this might sound like a scary idea, if you have a design on a t-shirt, people have to ask ‘Oh, that’s cool! What brand is that?!’ - but with just the logo, well... you know where I’m going with this.

The Outerwear Collection


Now, you might be thinking, ‘is this really necessary with summer coming up?’ But think about it, when was the last time you left the house for a full summer without having to grab a hoodie or jumper? A lot of brands start with their focus on t-shirts and gain a really big audience, now give that audience the chance to spend more money on your website with more products… DING DING DING! 

The Classic Collection


The ’90s are well and truly back. Everywhere you look, it’s like everyone has the wardrobe to become the 6th Spice Girl (or boy). The look; chunky trainers, baggy pants and an oversized t-shirt. Bright colours clashed with pastel was the theme of the t-shirts. Now, if you whip these up into a collection, you don’t have to change the branding of your main items. This one is a wildcard, you have to make sure you’ll be able to get the customer base for it, but if the start of 2020 is anything to go by, I can imagine this being the biggest trend of this year!

The Accessories Collection


Expanding past clothing is always going to be a tough decision, but just look at some of the big brands out there and think of the little bits you can buy with their logo stamped on it. In an extreme case, think of Supreme. I think they’ve released one of EVERYTHING with their logo on it. From money guns, Oreos, and even a brick. Yep, a brick. To come back down to earth, adding some bits and bobs that people can actually use can be a huge boost for your brand. Things like mugs, water bottles, and phone cases. These are some of the most popular accessories because people can show them off easily. And we all know people love to show off! 

Final thoughts

These are just a few I’ve picked out, but there are loads of different things you can do. If you have any more ideas, don’t forget to pop them over in our online community: the Inkthreadable Hub. Or, if you need any more help, jump over there and one of our team or community members will be more than happy to give you a hand! 


Toby Brighty

Toby Brighty

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