Upcoming Price Changes

On Monday, 18th October 2021, we'll be making price adjustments that will affect specific brands and products in our catalogue. The brands affected are AWDis, Gildan and Bella+Canvas alongside our Mugs & Drinkware collection.

As a result of the increasing costs of transporting goods, raw materials (particularly cotton), and other factors, we've seen a number of price hikes from suppliers in recent weeks and months. It's become increasingly difficult to maintain our current price points after this and so we need to adjust accordingly.

If you use any of those products, we strongly recommend that you look over the details we've provided below. We'll be updating our prices at 9AM BST on Monday, 18th of October 2021, so please make necessary changes to your print-on-demand stores before then. 

We understand that news about cost increases may be tough to hear, but we’re on hand to help with any questions that you have. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team via email, live chat or phone.

Price Increases

See this spreadsheet for full details on how our product prices are changing.

5% Increase

  • AWDis Just Hoods

    • AWDis College Hoodie

    • AWDis Epic Print Hoodie

    • AWDis Girlie College Hoodie

    • AWDis Kids Hoodie

    • AWDis Kids Sweatshirt

    • AWDis Sleeveless Zoodie

    • AWDis Sweatshirt

    • AWDis Varsity Hoodie

    • AWDis Zoodie

    • Embroidered AWDis College Hoodie

    • Embroidered AWDis Kids Hoodie

    • Embroidered AWdis Kids Sweatshirt

    • Embroidered AWDis Sweatshirt

  • Bella + Canvas

    • Bella Flowy Scoop Muscle T-shirt

    • Bella Ladies Cropped Hoodie

    • Bella Ladies Cropped Sweatshirt

    • Bella Ladies Flowy Cropped T-shirt

    • Bella Ladies Flowy Rolled Cuff Muscle T-shirt

    • Bella The Favourite T-shirt

    • Canvas Unisex Crew Neck T-shirt

    • Canvas Unisex Sueded T-shirt

    • Embroidered Bella Ladies Cropped Hoodie

    • Embroidered Bella Ladies Cropped Sweatshirt

7.5% Increase

  • Mugs & Drinkware

    • 11oz White Mug

    • 15oz Mug

    • 400ml Water Bottle

    • 500ml Water Bottle

    • Enamel Mug

    • Travel Mug

    • Two-Toned Mug

10% Increase

  • Gildan

    • Gildan Heavy Cotton

    • Gildan Kids SoftStyle Ringspun T-shirt

    • Gildan Ladies Premium Cotton T-shirt

    • Gildan Premium Cotton T-shirt

    • Gildan SoftStyle Ladies Fitted Ringspun T-shirt

    • Gildan SoftStyle Long Sleeve T-shirt

    • Gildan SoftStyle Ringspun T-shirt

    • Gildan SoftStyle Tank Top

    • Gildan SoftStyle V-Neck T-shirt

    • Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt

    • Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

If the product is not listed here then there will be no change in price.

All of these changes will come into place automati­cally from Monday, 18th of October 2021.

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