Price Changes November 2022

In the first week of November, the prices for most of our products will change, and there will be some adjustments to shipping costs.

This is a necessary step to keep up with the current economy and ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality products and services.

As most of you are aware, the costs of energy and raw materials have been rising as of late. This has caused the prices of our blank products to increase, and hikes throughout the year have made it difficult for us to maintain our current price points. However, we've found a way to help offset some of the increases for those of you who sell more at this time of the year.

Extended Reward Pricing

To help our customers during the peak sales period this year, we're reducing the eligible spend goal of our reward pricing tiers by 20% for the rest of the year.

This means you'll be able to take advantage of discounted pricing more easily.

Additionally, if you reached 80% of the eligible spend for any tier in September, we will also level you up to the relevant reward tier for November and December in anticipation of your increased order volume during the busiest months of the year (unless you have since reached a higher tier, then you will remain on the higher tier)

  • For example, if you had an eligible spend of £1200 in September, you'll automatically be placed on the Develop tier for November and December, granting you an 8% discount on all orders. 

This change will happen automatically, and you do not need to let us know when you reach 80% of an eligible spend goal. 

Please view the table below for the eligible spend goals required to affect your tier for November and December. For January, the eligible spend goal will rise back to a 100% requirement, and December's eligible spend will be used to determine your tier.

Reward Tier Eligible Spend Goal (Normal rates) Eligible Spend Goal (Nov/Dec 2022) Discount Amount
Launch £500 £400 Save 5%
Develop £1,500 £1,200 Save 8%
Scale £2,500 £2,000 Save 9%
Momentum £7,500 £6,000 Save 10%

You can always view your current eligible spend in your profile here.

If you're not yet on a tier but want to start saving immediately, you can! Get 90 days of Launch tier for just £25.00 and gain a 5% discount on all your orders this Christmas. Unlock discount. 

Need more info about our reward pricing tiers and how to level up? Find out more.

New Prices

Product Price Changes

To help you to prepare for the price increase, we've listed all changes below with the percentage of the price increase, or if there's no change, we've confirmed it as 0%.

The price changes mostly affect products across the whole brand or category, such as a 10% increase on the whole AWDis Just Hoods range, but there are some exceptions which we've listed below.

Brand Change (% increase)
AWDis Just Hoods 10%
Stanley/Stella* (except Creator in Black and White, as below) 10%
Gildan* (except GD05 & GD02 in Black and White, as below) 10%
Sublimation Mugs 5%
AWDis Just Cool (Activewear) 5%
Larkwood 5%
BagBase 5%
Continental Clothing* (except EP01 & EP02, as below) 0%
Bella Canvas 0%
Yupoong FlexFit 0%
Mantis Babybugz 0%
Bella + Canvas 0%
Beechfield 0%
TriDri 0%
Westford Mill -5%

For example, the AWDis College Hoodie currently starts from £15.29 + VAT but will increase by 10% to £16.82 + VAT. 

Exceptions* Change (% increase) New Price From Nov 2022
GD02 Gildan Ultra - White 0% £10.45 + VAT
GD02 Gildan Ultra - Black 0% £11.90 + VAT
GD05 Gildan Heavy - White 5% £6.74 + VAT
GD05 Gildan Heavy - Black 5% £7.36 + VAT
STTU755 Creator - White 5% £8.98 + VAT
STTU755 Creator - Black 5% £9.95 + VAT
EP01 T-shirt - White 5% £9.44 + VAT
EP01 T-shirt - Colours 10% £11.15 + VAT
EP02 T-shirt - White 5% £8.90 + VAT
EP02 T-shirt - Colours 10% £10.62 + VAT

Shipping Costs Changes

Royal Mail Change (% increase)
Europe 0%
Europe Recorded Delivery 0%
International 0%
International Recorded Delivery 0%
UK Royal Mail 24 3%
UK Royal Mail 24 Tracked 3%
UK Royal Mail 48 3%
UK Royal Mail 48 Tracked 3%

For example, the Royal Mail 24 Tracked service over 100g will change from £3.33 + VAT to £3.43 + VAT.

Courier Services From To Notes
UK DPD Courier: Less than 700g £5.36 + VAT £5.90 + VAT -
UK DPD Courier: 700g+ £8.75 + VAT £9.99 + VAT + Repeat charge per 2,000 pts
Europe DPD Courier >> 5% increase in all zones + Repeat charge per 2,000 pts
International DPD Courier £30.00 + VAT £31.50 + VAT + Repeat charge per 2,000 pts
USA USPS Tracked: 200-299g £8.66 + VAT £12.01 + VAT All other weights remain unchanged
Australia P2P Courier >> Add £2.50 to all services -

What is a repeat charge per 2,000 points?

The courier shipping cost covers the cost per box, and each box holds approximately 2000 points. We will charge the shipping cost again for each additional box.

Please see a reminder of the product weights on our shipping costs page. The costs will be updated on this page before the price change goes ahead in the first week of November. 

We appreciate your understanding, and we are available should you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support!

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