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Millions of people in all corners of the globe drink tea and coffee. Both drinks are derived from plants and have a long and rich history, shaping cultures and economies.

After water, tea is the most commonly consumed drink on Earth. The drink is prepared by pouring freshly boiled water over dried leaves from Camellia Sinensis; the tea plant. Now widely grown in many parts of the world, tea plants are natives of East and South Asia and the drink almost certainly originated during the Shang Dynasty in China; the first recorded instance of tea as a medicinal drink dates back to the 10th century BC. Tea's calming but energising properties are a product of L-theanine, a chemical that induces a dominant alpha-wave in the brain, giving the widely-enjoyed stimulating yet relaxing effect. By the 17th century, Tea had become popular in Britain, from where it was introduced to India in an attempt to defeat China's dominance in the industry.

Coffee is a strongly-flavoured drink with a very distinct aroma. Made from Coffea plant seeds that have first been roasted, the drink has a strongly energising property thanks to its high caffeine content. The Coffea plant is cultivated in more than 70 countries worldwide though one of the major sources is Latin America. Coffee forms an essential part of the world economy with at least twelve countries counting it as their primary agricultural export. The stimulating effect of coffee has led to its prohibition amongst some religious groups in the past, a practice that is still observed amongst members of the Mormon faith. Coffee seeds were smuggled out of Yemen in 1670 where they were planted in India. The plant grew well in the similar climate and quickly began to spread around the world. It is now a staple of the breakfast table, giving a perfect wake-up with its slightly bitter taste and stimulating caffeine.

Since tea and coffee are so popular, a personalised mug can make a brilliant gift for friends and family. Our simple and fun mug designer allows you to upload any image and add customised text, creating a unique present that will give pleasure for many years. You can also choose from our wide range of funky, ready-made designs or use a selection of our cute cliparts to complete your creation. For the kids, a plastic mug is available in place of the standard ceramic.

Why not put the kettle on, put your feet up and see what you can create with our customised mug designer?

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