Direct to Garment Printing - DTG

As a company, we specialise in Direct to Garment printing, otherwise known as DTG. It's a newer printing method that's entered the industry in the past few years but in its early days, had some minor issue. Now, taking the world by storm, direct-to-garment is one of the best possible methods for personalised t-shirts, hoodies and many other clothing items and materials.

The Benefits

  • No set up costs!
    Direct to garment printing doesn't require any screens like screen printing does, the process is directly on to the t-shirt eliminating the need for additional equipment which is what your set-up charge is for with other processes.
  • No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)!
    Each product is printed individually and carefully assed and checked by one of our skilled team members. From preparation to packing, your order will be perfect.
  • No Limits to the Amounts of Colour in your design!
    DTG printers use specially formulated CMYK coloured textile inks to print your designs and prints all of the colours at once. Screen printing, and other printing methods require the user to individually prepare each colour to be applied in layers. Often, with these other methods there will be a set up charge for each individual colour. Pricey!

Have you got a design, logo or photograph that you would love to see on a t-shirt? Go to our Design Your Own section to create your t-shirt now!

As well as having your graphics on clothing, we can also personalise phone covers, mugs and much more!

We are located in Darwen, Lancashire but aim to be the UK’s leading garment printer.
If you’re local, we’d love you to pop in and let us show you what we do, else, we’re always up for a good chat! Just head over to our Contact Us page!

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