Printing methods

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing is an exciting printing method that uses highly modified inkjet printing technology with speciality water-based inkjet textile inks made by DuPont and achieves outstanding results on to most garments.

Our state of the art printers can achieve a resolution of up to 1440 x 1440 dpi and a huge print size of 32cm x 50cm.

The benefits of using DTG are that there are no set up costs, no additional costs per colour and the capabilities of being able to replicate photographs and full colour images on to any colour fabric. It can also achieve almost any possible desired colour, without any limits to the number of colours in your design!

Because there are no set up costs, DTG makes a great process to get a cost effective 'one-off' print and can also work very well with our drop shipping services for companies big and small.

DTG achieves outstanding finishes when printing on to Cotton, Poly-Cotton Blends, Linen and Viscose. However, other materials should not be printed using DTG and other print methods can be advised upon request for the best quality print.

For the best possible print using Direct to Garment please send us your artwork in a PNG format with the background removed at 300dpi.

If the image has a low resolution and the print will not be to a suitable quality we will contact you before printing to discuss alternative options.

Unfor­tunately, as the garments are positioned manually onto the printer please compensate appro­ximately 0.5cm to 1cm from the exact desired printing position.

Also, we are unable to match PANTONE colours using Direct-to-Garment. If you have an exact desired colour, please inform us of the CMYK colour code.