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YOLO is in the dictionary (I know, it’s insane, but look it up). Apple prefixed a lower-case I onto product names and the world just let them get away with it. Now we’re suffixing –ify onto anything we can think of! Luckily, the English language is forgiving. And the weird part is, we instinctively know what someone means when they tell us to dumb-ify or jazz-ify something.

Just like with –ish (‘Mate, I’m not drunk… just drunk-ish…’), or –able, once you start running with –ify suffixed words you’re quickly going to realise there’s very little you can’t change-ify! Language is changing. It’s write-able and speak-able(–ish), because you can recognise-ify, or at least translate-ify its meaning. It’s simple… ish. Still with me?


Shop-ify. Clever, right? And, like all of these new words, Shopify is modern, forward-thinking and easy to use. Like, really easy. That’s why we recommend it to any customers looking for an ecommerce platform that doesn’t take any technological know-how to set up.

And, apparently, they’ve been thinking similar things about Inkthreadable, because our app is now featured in their App Store!

Our print on demand app integrates seamlessly with their interface, and when set up you can create a new product and publish it in about two minutes, even on mobile (we’ve run tests, it really is that quick). Then, when that product is ordered we’ll fulfil it automatically. T-shirt store, simplified!

Inkthreadable’s app imports everything you’ll need to populate a Shopify product page automatically. Title, description, product images, variants, even the price you want to list the new product at. It’s all there, at the click of a button. And everything’s changeable, so you can always log in to Shopify’s back-end to jazzify the details.

It’s all mobile-friendly too! The app is specifically designed to interface with Shopify, but both Shopify and Inkthreadable are responsive to the device you’re using. That means you can create new products from your mobile phone, or tablet, or laptop, or desktop, and the interface will morphify to work with your device.

So, if your phone is internetable and you feel a bit shirtish, treatify yourself to our Shopify app! It’s everything you know and love about Ink­­thre­­adab­­le, only compressed into a neat little app that’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you! 

Install Inkthreadable's Shopify app.

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