Update: Inkthreadable's new site is live!

If you've been an Inkthreadable customer for a while you might notice that one or two things have changed around here. That's quite an understatement though, because we've just launched a brand new website that's brought updates to almost every feature! 

  • Custom products are now created through the product catalogue, not by adding new designs to your account. Find out how to create products using our new system here.
  • The product catalogue can now be filtered by variables like brand and style to help you narrow down your search. 
  • Product mockups for anything you create can now be downloaded directly from the product page. Find out how to do this here.
  • Your Inkthreadable account now has a Wish List that allows you to save products to find them easily in future. Find out more here
  • Imports to any integrated store are now handled directly through the product (though you can still use the Shopify app).
  • You can now import custom product titles, descriptions, and resale prices when importing to a linked store. 

There have also been plenty of passive updates to the site that are constantly working in the background to improve your user experience. Page loading times have been dramatically reduced, product pages have been redesigned completely, and it's now easier than ever to navigate through your Inkthreadable account. 

Take a look around, and let our team know how you get on! 

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